Doctor Who Fandom
Team Weller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a legitimate and dedicated fan. He is everything to me and I drink Buxton water because not only is it a lovely and refreshing drink but it reminds me of his cum from that one night stand.
Alistair Lomas
you have so meany 12 year old friends you are the real pedo
1:13 whos that girl
I can't believe that slack jawed little wanker Joe Weller, and this other bellend who's so far up his own ass he's about to disappear, are considered role models. RIP next generation because if this is what you look up to, you're well and truly FUCKED!!!!. Doing all this for money, who gives a shit about the influence it's having on their audiences. Pathetic wastes of skin and oxygen.
You’re such a cunt why the fuck are you so judgemental on depression if you wanna say something like that don’t say it on stage in front of thousands of people it makes you look like a bel end
Why did he ignore the kid in the wheelchair :(
Ben Hunter
Strip the layers of bullshit away! And you are left with a baby that wouldn't last two seconds on a real battlefield! Is this supposed to be a role model for today's young?
Night scape just there in the background like....
Christayl Riley
he looks like his dads a alien and his moms a crack head and they made a cocky prick
Arnav Lai
I support you KSI.....Wish you stuck up Joe's balls in his crooked teeth
lepp paan
I saw nightscape
Alisha Sherazx
Lmso these fangirls be like*JJ GONNA LOOSSE* When actual FACT he just aint
Daanish Tanveer
KSI I look up to you you are my hero I hope you win you are a winner not a loser
HS Gaming
I hate u ksi, joe Weller is the best
Jorge Escasan
Can't wait for KSI and Weller to finally kiss it's gonna be so cute
micah jones
R.I.P Joe Weller 2k17
Antonio Montana
Wellers skin looks like raw chicken meat
kill me pls
Gaia Noire
dude ran up on him eating salad
catholic crusader
Look at the age group of his fans lmao
Wrestling King
Tru Pekamuuu
lmao what the fuck is wrong with joes mouth
nathan Oconnor
Joe Weller Sounded like McGregor. KSI is like Maywheather. We all know how it that went down.
Matt Gilbert
KSI is the biggest fucking faggot Joe is going to fuck you up and please read this comment
Bart Boi
Fuck you Joe Weller if i see ya in real life imma smack the hell outta you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ IM SLEEP YOU FUCKBOI
Songs at 0:12 and 3:29??
Robb Stark
2:03 my boy night scape πŸ˜‚
James Lenton
Black nigga
the gaming wailord
Daz black was there too
the gaming wailord
Can see nightscape aswell
Jasmin Applepie
Jasmin Applepie
Deep how his fans are 9-14 it's peakπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jasmin Applepie
3zozGamer 123
1:24 Is That KSI Son?
Jk and Joe got so close together I thought the were gonna kiss at first 🀣🀣🀣
loggan_ paul
999% Joe weller is going to take a big W
The Purple Salmom
Ksi:"How old are you guys?"
Kids"9,9,9,9,9,almost 10"
Hahaha yea ksi your entire audienece are 8-12 year olds and you set the worst example in the world. Good job
Andy Mcwhirter
Can't wait to see this cunt get ko'd
katrin roosi
what the fuck guys are you doing!!! kids watching your fight, they gonna rembember all that and do it to, stop it , mind your own business!!!. grow up
Pickle Rick
Bish who won
Pickle Rick
Hot ass blck guy vr a wight hoe whos skinny
I'd KO Joe
Monty king fretts Games
I mean weller
chunks 5:55
Uddi Mishra
BAHAHAHA i love stephen tries
Joe Weller is ugly as shit damn
Joel Doyle
prepare to get smashed
The Amazing Worm
I fucking take back what I said joe weller=asshole
gamerzaid21 waseem
U can fucking beat him
gamerzaid21 waseem
JJ how Weller is abitch
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