Miguel Magic Mágic
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Earl Harris
I beat the hell out of him mgregor im mayweater he is weak as hell
Master Pop
Any of this fake by any chance?
Peter Gibson
It's all staged.The whole "anger" thing is acted.
Notice how they never actually hurt each other outside of the ring.
They walk away with millions for their fake "anger".
Conor loses control and loses the fight hahahaha
tyt ggg
Fuck conner all talk until he meets great instead of just good mayweather fucked him up 😂
Pedersen Hans
hes a fucking puzzy !!
Dylan Mercado
Reasonable gifted framework pause poor technological reach fight primary leader.
Jasmine Jones
he is all talk lol
WaldemAr Puzati
killer knockout McGregor 720 HD
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkkbbE97RKQ&feature=youtu.be THANKS FOR WATCHING!
Conor "I hype fights and lose like a bitch" Mcgregor
Conor "I gas the fook out" Mcgregor.
would love to fight connor ive got a few inches on this bitch
Captain Kidnap
so many ads
Pls more ads kappa
Oskar 98
3:42 I need a link to this sweatshirt Guys help me :) :D
Crazy Chinese
Conor is like that triggered 9 year old😂😂
LifeSaver Eli-Yah
McGroggy got pimped by Dana & Floyd.
Now the Bitchyboy has a concussion! Cry baby!
Viroh XL
People adore this adhd lightweight?
bayat stylat
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFS1EuwXQTA MC GREGOR SPORT PUBLIC .LIKE
Nathan Ruddy
Lol he has 100 million plus. Fuck all u haters 😂😂😂😂😂
Damarcus Greer
They ugly àss hell for throwing water bottles 😂😂
big head billy
i was pure scared to laugh o-o
Moors Hound
all this talk & no punches are thrown, reminds me of a little crackhead up my road, he would shout & get all hyped up for nothing. best to be quite & chilled then explode when you have too.
Galilean garceti
Definitely a drama queen
Lost In A Bush Videos
Conor KNEW he wasnt going to win.. he admitted it in a deep helwani interview. Its on my channel check it out!
Caleb Perry
So much for The Gentleman's Sport .. now it's all about the $ . Don't fool yrself ppl , he n Mayweather are good friends . Like I said it's all about the money . I read they fly together , eat together etc . The big lie to all the Loyal Fans .. there's yr payoff , being lied to . McGregor is total Illuminati / clone . Made just for this purpose , he is simply a cash cow for these ppl .
Domestic_Goddess Artist
Does Conor speak his native tongue?
L1f3 74k3r
this guy is just a fukin kid
No Way
dylan williamson
fence spread direct mean pocket winner rest bold captain outcome.
TM Theedu
HOLY FUCKING SHIT. How many fucking adds you put in a 11 minute video? lmao
Евгений Цуканов
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Игорь Шлыков
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Nashriq Hashim
Arrogant fighter
Cem Sahin
Fight Focus Mother Fucker Faker
Daniel Majerly
to bad he lost lmao
Evade Scar
The gordon ramsey of ufc
Jago Sevetar
He didn't lose control once. It's called showmanship. He's in total control - just listen to the crowd.
Jacob Thomas
Ok hear me I like Conor a lot but I got to hand it to that chug who stranded up to him
Tonya Patterson
He talks too much. I used to like him but he is losing credibility with his mouth.
side kick
hes an idiot of his own kind...so boring
tylor washington
Ya mad?
Степан Милюков
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Frida Trolle
Is something wrong with him or is it an act?
Elifas Nehale
Elifas Nehale
Elifas Nehale
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