SML Movie: Jeffy's TV Show!

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Jeffy and Mario get their own reality TV Show! But they need to change a few things.

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Disaster control engaged. New video Saturday morning!
Rosalinda Holguin
Sml idea: Jeffy goes exploring when Mario goes to a press conference and leaves the door open Mario gets back Rosalina screams cause Jeffy's gone then part two they look for Jeffy they find him and ground him for a year well Mario does and Jeffry swears to Mario and beats Mario up
Who else thinks that Mr. Dunn Did It is a pedophile?!?!
Diddy Kong
I paused the video and read the contract. Lol
Mr Narwhal
XDD 2:02 Sounds Like that Goat Vid Whe It Screams XD
comedy into a porno
Cupcakekitty 80
Mine and my bff is jeffy eating the 📺
JoshuaJB8 Tube
Football cards
Cadence ???
who else actually read the contract?
Higinio Venegas
If I had a TV show it will be about sml
Liam Buck
My show would be about cooking
William Greer
My show would be called life with Delilah. the reason it would be called this is be cause we might find a home for my dog tomorrow, so my mom is letting me get a beagle puppy and I would probably name it Delilah
Xxcat CraftxX
Oh daddy can I answer it! I can show them my pee pee
Chillys brother is so annoying why is he even in this video or other videos
Roberto Cordova cordova
and please like
Roberto Cordova cordova
sml idea: jeffy goes to six flags
Gerardo Gutierrez
Make a new video of Jeffy is gone missing
steve huntington
I subscribed
smb movies sml fan
Logan I need your help can you help me
Mary Grubb
0:31 daddy ofive
the Angry blue sheriff
FriskTheUndertaker sharma
guys on the contract it said i will have your soul....... and it also said this contract is a scam....................
Cam Preston
Who else is watching this before they go to sleep like if you are
Guys believe it or not, Rosalina made an actual YouTube channel with the same footage she made in this video. Search up "Rosalina's home videos"
Tyler Barnett
I fucking do
SML Music
0:05 - I thought Jeffy said Jelly String.
Drew Myhr
I'm talking filthy, like cody's mom.
Sandra Ramirez
Gamer Pro0822
it would be about dead memes
Reality tv isn't supposed to be scripted
Amr the Best
I just want some likes so :

This is Mario without his mustache 😶

1 like = how many days it takes for him to grow back his mustache
Martin Ramirez Madera
hey loagn make jaffy goes to the mall 😀😀😀 😘
Monda Panda
My show would be about porn :3
Mirdalys Posada
Linda Ponce
I like the video
Kyle MacDonald
Jeffy has 20 greenbeans, one like is 1 less greenbeans
Nathan Carraway
it would be about my frends traving to worlds and seeing youtubers
super mario 860
He's on drug
theproman proman
my movie would be about an elephant and jeffy getting married
Bethany McKenzie
i fucking hate tito
Ethan C
Nothing without the mustache...
Mr.GrumpyCat Fleming
My TV show will be about a guy that was wearing a king Kong outfit then then the millatary stopped.trying to kill him then he quit then shot himself then the millatary started killing the king Kong outfit
Chandler Arthur
I didn't really like this one
Alexander Gaming
Logan... you have too much time on your hands
DenisTha Lord
How many likes i get is how many subscribers SML has!
Blue Fire Jose
my show would be: Unboxing Consoles With Martin Garrix
Guadalupe Ramos
It's Saturday
Princess Kitana
So grown ppl playing the teddy bears
minecraft and more
uh about wwe
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