Arjun Venkat
penguins inadiorama we have more statues to take down.
penguins inadiorama
Oliver a foreigner insisting that confederate Americans are the enemy and they killed US soldiers. No oliver they were all US soldiers. please go back to your home country. I am sure it is lovely there, esp london at this time of year. here is more erased history nothing like having it out of the mouths of people who were actually there and not some paid propagandists
Lindsey Schiro
I understand that some Confederate soldiers individually just fought to "protect" "their" land. But collectively their cause was not noble... and we should not treat it like it is. I'm not saying forget about it. Put that crap in museums and history books... don't parade it around on street corners on monuments. Monuments are supposed to represent something... like the statue of Liberty represents something. We preserve our history, yes, even the things we aren't proud of. But we do not parade it around and we do not treat it like it is something honorable. It wasn't. It is like if Germans were to wave around a Nazi flag... its not okay. Yes, it is part of our history... but it is not something we should be proud of. It is something we should remember because we never want it to happen again.
xXCLK04Xx games
This guy should know that it was not United States of America vs the confederate states of America it was the union states of America vs the confederate states of America and also for sake of my great great great uncle Richard Rowland Kirkland don’t take down his moment he was a good man of the south and look him up and you will see the truth
Camy Wamy
12 thousand idiots disliked this incredible video
Lord of Flies
Rednecks are dumbasses like the confederacy
nonya damnbus#1
You leave sir Batman alone Mr. Oliver I can agree on most things you say, but the caped crusader is GOD
Marcel Muffler
We need "finding your roots" in Germany 😭
Costanza Rosa Mongioì
In Italy we got a great deal of statues, monuments and buildings built during the fascism. Some of them were destroyed right after the IIww by the people, or at least the fascist symbols in them were elimimated. But whatever wasn't destroyed back then, it's still up: willingly or not, they are historical monuments and they can't be destroyed. We didn't leave them alone, however: they have placards remebering the people who fought against fascism, and in the buildings you can find museums about the fascism and its many mestakes.
Doug Weston
Do you really think that all those boys from the south threw on a grey uniform and ran off to war to die for a rich man's slave. There were black slave owners too why would they fight when it was no benefit for them? I'm sure they heard that yankee's were invading their south so they took up arms to defend what they had. I would say property and family. The property I'm talking about is their land. The people that had money is the one that owned slaves and their were a percentage up north that owned them. The North only wanted to preserve the union and they needed tax money from the south for their factories and railroads.
My Name Ain't Your Business
Why would people who are so patriotic want to keep open in display and justify the actions of TRAITORS?
B. E. Richardson
by colorful you mean mostly red
What's crazy is that I actually saw a report over someone filling to take down a George Washington statue under the basis that he was a slave owner

I'm not kidding
Ed D.
17:19 should be Tadolf Hankler tho
Garfish Gaming
Wait did nazi's exsit before NAZI"S
nonya biz
To put it simply the Confederate statues symbolize great men, greater than you will ever be, pitching many thousands of good men to die in battle because it was the right and good thing to do at that time. The truth of the matter is most men will never ever measure up to the greatness of those Generals depicted in those statues and to complain about the statues is just another way weak pathetic slow minded men and women that will never measure up to the great standard to complain about how weak pathetic and stupid they are... And by the way... The statues are still there fuck sticks and will remain long after your pathetic scum ass die from this Earth!
CocoBean Reads
I'm using this as a source for my senior research paper and I think I can quote every line from this video by now.
Neuro Weaver
Only idiots believe that the North fought and died to "free the slaves". It would be great if they would do that - but try to find another war (especially a vicious civil one) that was done for ...altruistic reasons. Especially since most Northern generals and politicians had slaves themselves.

The American Civil war was driven by the British and German bankers who wanted to assimilate the Southern states. Abraham Lincoln warned about their machinations over and over - until he was assassinated.
Ric Sta
Truly awesome(not) that in order to be a better society, Apparently any and all physical evidence of any political or economic upheavals must be destroyed in ORDER to bring in a NEW.
Grace Wasson
when you love the dixie stampede..
Adrian Pleasant
Sad we only focus on 200 years of slavery and not the thousands before that.
Rowdster Rex
If the Confederacy actually succeeded in dividing the country in half, do you think they might have supported Nazi Germany because:
1. They both believed in the master race concept and subordination, or
2. Would have been against them, because they support states rights when Germany didn't?

It's a serious question, I would like your opinion, and I respect whatever that opinion is.
Barfing Chicken Studios
Just keep in mind how many people were standing behind the black man yelling at the confederate jerk who was alone. I'm just sayin'.
Mason Hoy
Tom Hanks needs a Youtube channel
Jamee Choi
Confedera-she 😂😂😂 I was drinking a kale and beet smoothie and almost sprayed it all over my white suede couch
It’s funny I was taught in school a liberal school that the civil war was about states rights huh
Jakob Lindner
14:50 it's also an anagram for "grow a spine", but Oliver went with "penis"... well played
Mel Gibson = Adolf Hankler confirmed
Harold Johnson
John oliver needs a bullet in his head
Mr. Nicecream
7:08 Yes, his great grandfather was fighting for his rights. Namely, his right to own black people.
The Heretic
Hey Jon parrot nose could you tell me about your efforts to take the statues of Stalin and other communist figureheads down? I mean they committed mass genocide but I guess it's okay.
Polandball Polska
The civil war was caused mainly by the south’s refusal to completely tear down their entire economy and way of living, which, yes slavery was the key part component. To industrialize their economy and free the slaves was such a monumental task, I don’t think the south could ever do it peacefully and voluntarily. That was the cause of the civil war
Izzy Gehring
the presence of both john and stephen has truly blessed me
Daniel Schmidt
Mate, the civil war wasnt realy about slavery. Lincoln did like everything just to keep the union, not to abolish slavery. Slavery was the only economic thing the south had, which is the reason, why it was a big thing for them to abolish it.
Statues honor people not remember important people. Charles Manson is an important figure to know put only a few cult members will want a statue of him
8:35, it is like erecting statue of Hitler in USA, because he is part of American history.
3:30, but other countries also do that. England and Scotland historically don't get along, but why UK tolerates Scotland to have places named after Scottish military commanders like Wallace Monument.
Adham Was Here
The magazine cover at 9:54
Angy Alvarez
Yeah, I remember in middle school when they were teaching about the civil war and my teacher said "slavery was a factor, but it actually was about states' rights"
I am a cat
I'm a Historian and I get a lot of hate because of my Unbiased views of history. As he said, trying to clean history with a fucking Stanley steamer is wrong. Accept that it happened but understand it was wrong and to live a better life by understanding it.
Sidharth Lal
Is it just me or is John Oliver beginning to look a lot like Louis Theroux
Shad Basilla
Yo im tripin on colbert's background
Anselmo Chavez
Nathan Bedford Forrest? That’s Forrest Gump grandfather!
5:26 thats not what john oliver said. Whatever the vice President said is and i say bull and shit
Aiyana Avery
Can I..Can I buy Stephen Colbert?
Oh god, I've heard about saville, the freak
Eowyn Salvador
Don't try to distance your ancestor from the crime. Do like Aragorn and distance yourself from your ancestor
Eowyn Salvador
Don't remove the swastika from Germany. It's part of their history
AS a german I find this irritating. Why shoudnt we take down statues of Hitler. For that part of our history theres books and museums
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