Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

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Eminem is back! And he's in classic bar-for-bar form blasting at Donald Trump from his Detroit home. The cyphers went crazy too. Peep.

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Marlene In Sweden
I hope you feeling Ok, Em. I hope, that your life is good (people are for sure jealous of you.) I hope that you do what you want to do in your life. I hope, also that you get it. Get all what you need. And, if you don't, I hope you ask yourself why not.
ip address
Eminem is getting old. Just like most people these days if you wanna speak out against shit like Trump its old news this is just dumb emotional response. This aint Eminem this is rage mode.
Kool Klown
holy shit i thought this was fake. he looks nothing like he used to.
Люба Ва
За тобой Окси уже выехал!
All of the "I don't like rap but I like Eminem!" types are obviously going to be the ones mad about this. Stay grumpy, rednecks.
Curtis Murray
This is shit
Ashley Warren
This is not Eminem bullshit
Tristan Sullivan
Regardless of your political leaning do people actually think this is good freestyle? Honestly to me sounded kinda like he was reaching, or just handed some anti trump script from the producer and followed orders.
Ian Seraspe
I don't undestand anything.
Cody Siehr
Marlene In Sweden
When here are so many peoples comments in here at the comments section, its pointless wright more than one comment, But I Feel addicted to Em now. I don't even know why.
Israel Frederick
He looks different asf
Roger Klotz
I dont care about his point of view,that just wasnt what I was expecting from EM! C-
water baattlles
Eminem killed it
scott king
fuking trues words. em you da man
Green Gaming
Now I haven't listened to rap for a few years and yes I know it's a freestyle but it just seemed like he seemed a little slow compared to other freestyles he's done in the past like he was trying to remember the lines he was suppose to say and it took him longer than normal to get them to click
Living Fire Ministries
That dude is a joke. Confused running like a chicken with his head cut off. That's cause I used to listen to his music back in the day and don't even know why I did that then. Slim shady that's all that is.
Liz cx
Yaaaas 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Double Deuce
I'm wit Em phuk Trump and the ⛵ he rode in on. Punk bitch
Sun wukong
Trump is a FAKE American Calvary. Trumps a Zionist Jewmerican agent , Israel 1st, REAL Americans no where. He said he would bring the Middle East to a close, pull out the American troops to stop them dying for others wars and save the Americans paying for them with dollars . He has done the exact opposite. America is 20 trillion known in debt , but it could be up to 90 Trillion according to a Trey Gowdy congress questioning. So why would you want to start more Wars and spend more live and dollars on the Zionist Israeli agenda, well he is in the family and Oil theft. Make Jewmerica great again, wtf. Another Paid up illuminate shill. Fake Trump.
What a joke
Slim Shady should go back to drugs. His rap was much better back then.
ViZu Restart
aside from any political views, this freestyle was kinda cringy and didnt like it at all.
Refuse Fascism
A response to Eminem: People in the streets of New York City re-enact his Trump rip.
weak af and pandering...em must be back on the oxy. pathetic
Marlene In Sweden
Tell me something negative about Em, we haven't already heard. Surprise us, We heard it all. You are repeating yourself now. Boring as hell, yet fun in some strange way because every shit you say prove Em is so right.
tryumph jordan
another idiot
Squishy Toad
i like eminem and i dont like trump but this was pretty trash
We should all be LIVING LIKE LARRY
This was immature.
Sean Cunningham
I stand with Em
Sammy xB-emojix
Almost didn't recognize him
hocine ÉV
Wtfkk 😂
I agree with him
Marlene In Sweden
USA is not a business company.
Is this meant to sound like this. Doesn't sound much like the Em I remember
Why he talkin so slow
Evan Kopystecki
Reminds me of a coppercab rant
tyri sanders
Will Trump ever respond...... FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGONBALL Z
K20 Chris
Donald Trump has done more in 30 weeks then Obama did in 8 years 🤔
Marlene In Sweden
Ooh, I been dirt
And I don't care
Ooh, I been dirt
And I don't care
Cause I'm burning inside
I'm just a yearning inside
And I'm the fire o' life
Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care
Ooh, I've been hurt
And I don't care
'Cause I'm burning inside
I'm just a dreaming this life
And do you feel it?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
Said do you feel it when you touch me?
There's a fire Well, its a fire It was just a burning
Yeah, alright
Ooh! Burning inside
Burning Just a dreaming
Just a dreaming
It was just a dreaming
It was just a dreaming
Play it for me, babe, with love!

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Sam Oytaben
That's the Em taped off the radio as a kid! Go for yours brother!
Lu Bangz
Rachel's Americana
🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑💡📰📰📰📰📰📰📰sheep dog!Fake news!Em haz turned Soft !this is Soo tired &Un original
Jeeper pinetop
This is what you get when an artist become completely irrelevant.
Alan Wong
I'm just here for this triggered old sack and the reminiscing of all the melt downs during election night. can't wait for 2020 election, let's do it again.
Konscious Beats
free Eminem type beat with yours truly on the hook https://youtu.be/8842CpBevgM
Justin Cameron
Wanna be M&M
Marlene In Sweden
And every ”this is crippled”
”He is fatty”
”He is too old”
”He is too slow”
”On that point is, no rhyme”

Bla bla bla bla bla

Syed Mohammad
And if you start to look down for a little bit, you'll see some of the most triggered Donald Trump supporters.
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