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We play some more cuphead
That chair
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Leonardo Jardim Fontes
I love how you take a stab at the gaming journalists. Bunch of a-holes
Sass Fox
What’s the music in the background?
Who from polish? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Electric Grizzley
Payton Creith
Plant guy be like WHAT R THOSE
I dont think he noticed that boss turns into zodiacs ahahhaha
Felix's talking is way out of sync with the audio the first 2 minutes
Philip bernardo
Anyone wonder why the video ends at 19:11
Cool Guys
Pewds..try experts mode pls
Purposefully skip a Boss Battle? Where's the fun in that?
Fɑʀəəɦɑ Sɦɑɦəəή
"i wonder what's inside his cup, you know"
can't say i do, felix
val llorente
Yeah your right
DaRealPanda Crew
Harrison Glover
More more more!!!!!!!!!!
catt y!!
1 upload 3 milion view
kawaii Neko
I am sure he failed a lot of time and he just edits the moments he won against the boss
RedFusion Gaming
Describe "CUPHEAD" in one word
Reminds me of Megaman X 4-5
"movie critics are professionals" nice joke Pewds!
Id rather their be boss fight skips and optional invincibility suits like in Mario for the noobs over them making the games easy enough for a monkey or 4 year old to beat them by design. With all the extreme hand holding, way point following, enjoyment sucking, soul less, no thinking involved, minimap bs that has been prevalent in AAA games for over a decade the idea of adding in options for players struggling over debasing the whole design of the game to their lvl only to shoehorn in higher difficulty modes by artificially raising npc accuracy, dmg, hp, etc. sounds great, specially since most people who buy games KNOW HOW TO PLAY THEM. I’m sure you weren’t thinking of it this way and you are probably right in thinking that they are most likely only wanting to make games even easier and even more accessible, theirs gotta be some 2 year olds, mentally disabled or completely new to games middle aged moms out there that want to play the next COD or Assassin’s Creed right? I do think developers have been a little better about this sort of thing more recently but it still gets me heated, i know the idea of skipping a boss fight to you or me sounds ridiculous but i do think options for people struggling is where priority should be over the alternative of not attempting to challenge the player in any capacity by core design which is how most companies handle this problem. Chilling out to a thoughtless relaxing romp through a triple A game has its up sides too and not everyone is going to like games with a challenge (ya know the rewarding, and good kind) but if developers are going to continue to cater to the lowest common denominator it doesn’t sound like that bad of a thing to me. It at least gives them the ability to challenge the player without the worry of people getting stuck and never buying a game from them again. As dumb as that is to begin with.

That being said I whole heartedly agree that games should not have to cater to everyone if they don’t want to, if Cuphead or Dark Souls are “too hard” for you then your most likely missing the point of why they are challenging in the first place. Within the context of skipping boss fights in these games in particular i think i would be alright with it as long as their were clear consequences for or benefits to not using them but i do think they could loose a little something, a little of the magic because of it. I’m not a monster I want everyone to be capable of playing the games they are interested in but I think no matter what you do theirs always somebody out there your disappointing, whether it’s the guy bored to death because you’ve removed all sense of learning, reward or challenge from your game through hand holding or the journalist who struggles on your boss and decides to whine about it in his article. With all this loot box drama it’s funny to think that publishers pushing incredibly basic core design and hand holding has most likely taken more of a back seat to micro transactions and monetization, i guess at least theirs a small silver lining. Either that or i’ve just gotten used to it and haven’t been paying as much attention as i used to. woo boy, get that rant going. I always write these long ass video game rants on old videos that nobodies reading haha at least its only a week old and not a year this time. I feel like i kind of flip flopped on my point at the end there but all i really meant was it could be a good thing adding noob friendly features under the right circumstances but that I do ultimately think that games for the most part shouldn’t care or try to accommodate everyone, which was I think felix’s main point.
Jaida Gehring
I appreciated the different camera angle
Lloyd Suh
Compared to the other youtubers. Pewdiepie is pretty gooood lol! Plase make more vids on cuphead
I love cuphead's overall feel. Reminds me of Disneyland.
Ethan Cashion
can I have permission to be more fabooooolous than you pllzplzplzplzplz
Jason Cookman
Seriously why would anyone want to skip these boss fights? The animations are amazing and you sit there mesmerized by them! What a great looking game. What is going on in the gaming culture these days...
Peppa Pig
oh great is that another funny youtuber that went child friendly
uniiicorn Blood
Also more plz
Mariana Almeida
He's been ironic but the skill is seriously amaizing
Yvng Psycho
"Who drinks milk from a cup? I don't"
Me niether Pewds I drink it straight from the cow titty 🤘
Click Gamer Cool Kid Bait Faze Up
That SHEEP merch ;D
Михаил Пашковский
Its funny, how all big youtubers made a couple of videos about Cuphead, made fun of that game journalist (who couldnt beat tutorial), and then they all dropped this game at the same time.
Johnny Gat
No beard
Silly Celly
I freaking love cuphead
Zach McConnell
uniiicorn Blood
Pretty funny considering most of the game is bosses
I finished all that jazz, ghosts n gouls, contra games, metal slugs, castlevanias n shit, but I'm at a point in my life where I'm too busy to play a game like this and master it through repetition, because that's all it is, repetition. The game is great I just wish I had a more chilled mode. Otherwise I just don't feel like finish it.
robert neville
12:03 cringe Dab
Golden Phoenix
Felix when I parry I can only do it when I'm in the air falling on top of the parry enemy or if I'm lucky coming in from the side and parrying, I think u can parry from beneath but u have to press the parry button way earlier then u might have first thought but I'm shit at the game so don't take my advice ... or do whatever floats your boat man ok.
I am 7 & I can almost finish a few bosses
Eldred Dsouza
Great game.
Pramaey Kapadia
Sita Smith
Nice hoodie
Morten Sætheren
sooo cringey
was this a stream?
I never thought this day would come...

But I agree with what you said in this video.
The best games are those that know what they want to be and stick with it even if it isn't what sells the most copies.

Prime examples this year are NieR:Automata and Cuphead. Those games are pieces of art.
Igorosich Igorosow
Я поставлю лайк... Хоть я и не понял... Хотя субтитры были но я не успевал , и смотреть и читать..
Pizza Badger
Pewds: "The game is hard, yes, but it's not impossible."
Pewds 10 mins later: "THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!"
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