The title should have been :
"I have been stalked and attacked? Not Clickbait Storytime"
Adrian Spence
1st guy keeping it 1000%
Alpha Phantom
Spud Magnum
"50 cent is behind you"
Me aw shiet hell yeah nigga i broke asf!
Tarun Oorloff-Kay
they only interviewed black people
Srihari Pillai
Skinny Mccollum
Nice !!!
But he is seriously not the greatest.
50 cent is cool dude!
Do eminem is standing right behind you!! Like if you agree.
That hat he got on cost $31.99 😂😂
Lord Goblinz
Ty Nation
Imagine if you did this with eminem lol
haroun java ttt
50 cent is really humble 👍
Bountyhunter 8302
1:25 its chewi
czarne uhy
Jolly Cntz
They should of done this with snoop Dogg and asked people if if easy E was shot up with aids or not
Amran x
Crazy Mario
Dayum,Damn i would love to meet 50 cent in real life,but there is no chance ofc :P,his loyalty fan.
flashpoint paradox
1:25 haha
C Jizzle
I love how this shows people truly are fake 90 percent of the time
1. Scarface
2. Biggie
3. Rakim
4. MF Doom
5. Slick Rick
6. Chuck D
7. Ice Cube
8. Nas
9. 50 Cent
10. Too Short

2pac is overrated
Daron Corcoran
Do eminem Is right behind you. That would be sick
50 is a living legend. rap general!
Do that with EMINEM!
1:05 "50 cent" LMAOOOOOOOO
If You're An Upcoming Artist Check Out My Page For Free Beats!🔥💯🚨
50 cent go my house :D i from is RUSSIA
"He ranks 6 or 7"
Then when 50 appears.
"He's the greatest rapper of all time"
Shiva Rainchild
Put Mikey Tyson on this..
Best Rapper of all Time :3
hahaha last one
Elias Hewson
Emily Blunk walks by behind 50 at 1:59 with the pink shirt and white pants.
Angelot Saint-Vil
this young woman on the show yow!! pure beauty!!!
My Account
Karen Desreu Desreu
Woo-hoo I'd love to turn around n have that my standing there omg be like Christmas morning.
Luca Brasi
50 cent goes hard. Period.
Joseph Damiano
Black people and Italians are so alike. What do you rate him? A 6 or a 7 maybe? Then he shows up and they say greatest of all time. Lol.
Patricia Nova
Greatest hugger of all time.
vulkan the
jo why they so calm I freak out if I see him
Joys Kensen
aaaaw love you 50
big ole huggy bear lol...i think a 7 is real good...i mean of all time? and fif not finished yet..there have been some great ones.
KG Stranger
50 was triggered I can tell
domenico damico
one of the best gangsta rappers in his time i bought every album 50 cent and g unit
TOMMY jefferson
2:06 to me dat looks like Kendrick lamar
1:29 old luigi
lol, the first guy. 50 cent is a funny guy too
Ozan Koşar
These rappers all bragging about comming from the projects, working hard and earning "millions". But all they sing about are parties, bitches, drugs, guns etc. Never seen one of them opening a school or something to help out youngsters in bad neighbourhoods... This is just bullshit...
lalem mesfin
How come they are not that surprised I would collapse
U mean kannan...right?
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