Danielle Bregoli
if u haven't 👁👁 the "THESE HEAUX" music video https://youtu.be/-ioilEr3Apw & listen to my new song ROLL IN PEACE remix here https://youtu.be/cjkDrgb-hDc 💀
Daniel Damiao
You the cringy 13 years old ever
Lee Blunt
You make me sick
Taryn Holmstrom
Everyone talks about how they can't understand her, but I can perfectly...
Ava Thompson
I love it
Paige Bailey
"You want a fuckig cookie" I'm dead 😵😂
Natasha Trinidad
Go check out on reaction time he reacted to this hose
Fiddle Sticker
this girl is actually funny lmao
Andro_sim_ ulater
Damn Danielle you be cutting on people like nun
Paryan gaming
She is so fine and saveg😍😍
Girl do not worry about the haters...let them keep hating and you keeping doing you. The haters make their self look bad by taking the time out of their OWN day to make a video about someone they claim to NOT like. You're young, pretty, and you're doing something with your life.
She's trying way too hard to be grown up
Danielle I just saw a video of you with your hair wavy and down. I think that looks so cute and you should wear it like that more often.
I am
Leslie Espinal
And....Lael Hansen uuummmm Danielle Bregoli your mom is so pretty
Molly Polly
How old is she? 13? And she calls Rice Gum “a little boy”? For gods sake, why am I even here?
Andres Velez
she can't take constructive criticism
Matthew Coates
3:17 Like every best rapper, ever? Biggie? Tupac? Nas? Rapping doesn't need to be autotuned, it's mainly talking. If you're not singing, and you still need autotune, you should not be a musician... period.
Your BoyShadow
Send me nude danielle
Christina Uni
0:03 "so today, I am going to be reacting ro some normal people and some dumb people reacting to my video 'These Heaux'". I am assuming that normal people are the people who enjoyed it and dumb people are the ones who didn't? It would make a lot more sense if the roles were switched.
Happy4faith -Gaming
Can You react to Reaction time, reacting to You? :)
Le Souls
ur nails is disgusting like ur face
This was funny I admit
top 100 and my song ‘I Found Love’ can’t even get 100 plays
romano ronopawiro
Yo girl you awsome keep on doing that shit so love you
Jennifer Cruz
U Specking Words Not like ababbagwbhsyeheheggeggdnsn
Carlos Martinez
I fucking love this video
Susa Ackles
"I was never beaten up by my mother"

Yeah well u should've been
death to all earphone users and im still surprised you are only fourteen and my GOD JESUS CHRIST! I mean continue if like you want to it's your dream and life but I mean people have opinions. If you are just gonna swear at them back, then don't watch them at all
Typically Gamer
Danielle music is littt af keep yo grindddd
Mohammed Khresat
in the start of the video she look like she is 14 for the first time
Aileen Arnido
I'm so sorry for all the other 14 years old out there.
Jungkook The living meme
Ok I know she's a bad influence and shit but... SHES FUNNY AS FUCK I SWEAR IM CRYING !!
She is a living devil that is born for burning in hell, like listen to her mouth, she is foul mouthed
Beatrice Bess
Lmfaooooooo when her ma came on tho...I fuckin died!! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾 #DontComeForBhadBhabie
Aj Bála
we're to blame for this brat. humanity as a whole is at fault. we failed our future generations.
Eclipse /Haunted Dream
Ksi doesn't autotune...
Jasper Ferari
Danielle Bregoli ur awesome I love u!!! (Not I in that way) I mean as you being a friend!!! YOU ARE AWESOME! But please don't diss me when I say I do like Ricegum
She calling rice a kid when she is 14 or 15 herself. She speaks bullshit and doesn’t know logic
Sophie Louise Vlogs
She has a tat on her left arm 😵
Kenly Figueroa
yeas danielle pls give rice a cookie and give him a chill pill pls
Iz Chi
she really said THE GOLDEN STATE BRIDGE.
Janice DeValk
I would never listen to your songs I'd rather listen to Despacito over and over again
Cadet Seymour
“You can’t talk right ya need a speech class” And this bitch think she can talk right?
Lucia Alcoreza
I love how she said to Lael " don't flip yo bald head", then she flips her own hair XD
Janice DeValk
Your so annoying
Tania Shahid
You made me deaf because of this video
Rosa Pkts
Look at how her mom talks around her ... The way Danielle acts doesn't surprise me at all actually. Her attitude is just fucked up.
Who is she talking about with a speech impairment? She maybe the most disabled mentally downed thing I've ever seen.
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