Deimos Hentai Crusader
Deimos Hentai Crusader
sirena costa
oha pewdiepie cengiz han'ı biliyomuş şaşırdım
Gallifreyan Buccaneer
An inconvenient day after tomorrow which proved the world didn't end in 2012
5.3 earthquakes aren't strong
Damián Arballo
Yo, this video is not 10:01 long. What happened?
Remember when Jennifer was funny and pertinent?......ok, I mean funny.
Reagan Chavers
This is why I love him - He uses comedy to get across what nobody understands and he's probably the only "celebrity" or youtuber with a BRAIN for that matter
4:52 👌🏼👌🏼
Looked like Tamelane and not Genghis Khan. But they both caused a lot of horrible death, so oh well!

I bet more people watched this video then watched her shitty movie
Gz 12
he hates trump, i guess he hates duterte too, but i wish not
Stephanie Kay
YES I'm glad intelligent people are calling out celebrities for using tragedies to further their political agendas
Best Video Ever
Alec Bishop
Shes hella stupid.
Dapper Derpy Pasta
"Pray for California"
shows Pray for Texas

I dont remember California having that much water
I also don't remember getting our state re-named.
Luke Lucas
I love this!
Lydia Mccarthy
Jennifer Lawrence is a moron indeed lol
Jeremiah Lan Franca
how have we been so blind there is no Earth!!!!!!!!1
Sumaira Mahmood
Its global warming!
Carton Omar
it's over over over over over
Washington's not on fire
Nusrat Ali Shah
The ending of the world will come 40 years befor and in those years lives will be easy
Rachel Hofmeister
Don"t be hating on Washington or I"ll unsubscribe
Hilario Luis Pangan
I love Pewdiepie. He never let his fame get to his head. Still practical, smart, funny, and just amazing!
Did anyone even care that there was a hurricane in Ireland!??
Ashley Sara
That was amazing. Love you 💕💕
Ты накрутил подписчиков
Annoying Indian Guy
you are kinda missing the point here. hurricanes have happened before as well but their frequency and potency is increasing because the rise in temperature means more water is stored the air.
Adam Anderson
Hayden Neuser
Washington never started and I think Washington voted for Hillary
Tolga İncekara
Cengiz Han isnt bad person. you arent know real history. You're wrong
Mary K
You’re so hilarious. You make me laugh for days!
DAX Miner
Climate change acceleration caused by human activity is a problem Sure, but the posible solutions we have right now are not effective and cheap enough to carry them out, that’s what libtards don’t get with all their protesting and shit.
DAX Miner
Man, that beard, you look just like Messi.
Rebeca Cervantes
the only time global warming is the cause for hurricanes is when there was one in ireland like thats not normal
Christina Haddad
Lolol please somebody send this video to Jennifer Lawrence
Crazed Astro
I'm from Washington TRIGGERED
roger roger
Piew take more care of yourself - you really look bad dude.
Yes our government sucks but that doesn't mean we can't do anything. We are helping the victims of Hurricane Maria without the help of Trump's government. We are helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We can always reduce emissions without the help of the government. We can always do something. That's what Jennifer doesn't realize.
Climate Change means that fires spread faster and they happen more often. Climate change is happening but it doesn't mean the world will end.
A lot of times I'm amazed how well you see things, and you have reasonable opinions on everything I've seen so far, but can't agree on this one.
Yes, these hurricanes are not new, but they ARE more frequent. It IS proven that global warming, which caused by us, makes the weather more extremist. It means more catastrophes, that are more serious, in the long-term view, (I do not mean the last five years or so). These are just facts.
And a president, that does not think it's a hoax, is the one who can do more for the environment, and by environment, I mean us, because the planet will be fine whether or not we live on it.
You always say that no one cares about the political views of celebrities, but I do not see how that is true. They are advertisements, they can influence people who like them, I think. And even if it's Jennifer Lawrence, (whom I do not like, so I'm not writing this to defend her) people SHOULD talk about how bad a president Trump is, because by believing climate change is BS, stopping research, not making any regulations, that should have been done a long time ago (not just his fault, kind of every politician's fault), it makes global warming faster, and it is just worse for everyone.
Yasin Bozkurt HD
PewDiePie nedemek herşey bitti adamım lanet olsun
_ SandStork46 _
oh no the cities on fire!

it must be those daaahrn teens
The thumbnail looks like a pic of a dinosaur. Oh.. it's Jennifer Roar-rence.
Слышь, за Сталина и двор стреляю в упор
smallsmollamb :3
I mean I don't necessarily agree with trump on everything but to blame him for (as you said) hurricanes happening during HURRICANE season I think is sort of making the environment not science but more a religion. "If we don't vote right we will feel mother natures wrath."
Sarah Enn
This has got to be my fave Pewds video 😂 So funny, and completely on point. I’ve showed it to heaps of my friends, and now they all love Pewds as well!! Such a legend Felix; always keeping it real!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
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