Daniel Callahan
This is not "art" though. It's some fucking cuboids.
How ironic and meaningful it is for crowns, the very symbol of fragile power being toppled over by nameless commoners.
Cýanide Art
1. She will kill her self 2. Her life is just deadly destoryed and she get's depressions 3. Nothing happens.

I would definitly say it's not her fault. I mean they should have definitly secure these things way more, if they are soooooo important.
MO Rebel
Worthless clickbait. This was an intentional stunt, and there's no way there was 200K worth of damage. The pedestals don't look damaged and most of the "crowns" didn't fall. This vid is nothing more than a stupid plug.
lmao, poor podium design honestly...bolt that shit down, DUH
clumsy narcissistic cunt needed her selfie. I hope she had to pay for all of it, and get stage 4 breast cancer.
christ, these comments are all just edgy pseudo-intellectuals crying that art isn't how they would like it to be
is this true?
Azizi Othman
200K? don't look like 200K to me
Kevin Ale
Anyone else cheking the girl in the dress out?
Vanda Lecchino
Any boys wanna chat and cam?
this art object arranged too close.
Christ you this comment section is full of cunts...
Luca Montefiori
LOOK at that long sleeved cropped jeans wearing bozo, he looks like he just witnessed an art murder, fucking lol'd
Adam Arzo
I'm sorry but how do you come to the conclusion that this is $200,000 worth of art? They are just crowns carved out of wood or whatever the fuck they're made out of it.

Yeah, OK. The creator can put a price tag of $200,000 on his collection but it in no way means it's worth that much. I could shit in a bag, claim it's art and say it's worth $500,000. Doesn't mean it actually is.
Anastasiya Teleshova
You make me horny! You can watch my hot video on my chanel!
Rezha Fatullah
did she died??
it has a problem of the way of display..
"No bimbos allowed into the exhibit"
"Destroyed"? They just got knocked over.
Vikrant Sharma
Girls know how to RUIN in every situations!...
This is nothing new... Tell me something else
so what happen to her?
Kewvin Sepriuardi
stupid museum decor
Rob Chen
how about just not taking selfies so close to the art
인생 똥망각인데
Ⓦ Wibiz9000 Ⓦ
Clearly a setup
Jasper Martin
eh, that "art" looks like it came out a box of cracker jacks and plus; the owners wanted this to happen. I hope someone arrests the owners for fraud conARTistry double insurance fraud.
Liangshi Xu
Safer to put everything on the floor..
No excuses for knocking over the pillar trying to get a selfie. That's just silly. No excuses. BUT having said that... do you think art collections worth $200,000 would be displayed just like that, not fastened to anything, no protective covers and even positioned shabbily as if they're in a bazaar (the pillars weren't even properly aligned). Really? 200k?
Jefferson Jeybee
200k dollars good bye
Art seem so pointless and stupid lmfao.
Chris Marzarella
Someone actually queefed but no one is owning up.
Choubi Mahele
she should be sued for her stupidity!
Bitcoin Crisis
get your bitcoins here!

muito estranho
os americano tão sendo idiotas eu oque
I scrolled down for about a minute and finally found a funny and unique comment "I thought someone was taking a selfie at Domino's" by Ximo Villa
Asha Mohamed
Why is this trending, da foook?
miller repin
That girl should be fined not for knocking over the columns but for thinking that trash is art
It's 36 seconds long and I'm scrolling through the comments for like 5 mins
This art work brings tears to my eyes 😢to see it broken is heartbreaking

Andrea Ac
I wonder what happen after that....
BDJ 22
Plants Zombies
This woman is so rich! Many works of art have been destroyed
She can now say she made a new artwork and sell it for 1million
Wicharder / WHR
i wish the women dies
Dudás Péter
Dutch Madness
Social media ruined it once again
Trent Simonsen
best thing that could happen to the artist
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