Bad news... Not getting the house.

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Yahaira Blanco
I like you videos Logan paul
Isabella Clark
I love u so much Logan!
299K likes I click the button and it turns 300K I feel special!
berserker turdshitter
He's a virgin? I'm lost my virginity at the age of 12 and I'm 17 now
Conrad Berther
Logan for Life peace
Conrad Berther
You do give it to me my address is 5112 my house and my street name is Robin rd7100 Wate k a d r v 5100
Conrad Berther
Logan Paul please give me the 365-day shirt Dent the universe
falah Zayn
The name of the music is at your
Sub to my channel <<<
Sub to my channel <<<
yahalomit cohen
i miss markkkkkkkkkkkk
Victoria love
Logan Paul.con/shop
Nitrous XP
I dont like evan
Oastago Widjaja
U deserve it
Labas Visogero
Are you still colourblind
Kawaii Cailin
Omg 😂😂😂 my microwave went off perfect at the time Logan was saying “BOOP!” “BOOP!” “BOOP!” 😂
gorgy vlogs
Best Compilations TV
If you want to find out the lyrics to Logans new song its on my channel, check it out
Say goodbye to your left nut
not wes
Dude you are so freaking clickbait
Steve Wettengel
OMG were u guys getting gunky
Beautiful Kennedy
So is mine It sucks
Sudeshna Dasgupta
google -googled
Sudeshna Dasgupta
When i google"Houses for sale in Hollywood'.There was an article and at the end it said maverick commins.Go check it out
Tyco Sutton
So ur going homeless
Darren Garcia
logan why did you say kong wont get hurt but you punched him i strike WE WANT KONG WE WANT KONG
jeza bean
I'm guessing here but I think "manager jeff" is a Jew !

Taylin Green
you need to give a shout out to each one of us over time
Marisa Silva
i love logan Paul
Tyrone Pinnock
I hope you geting your new house
Jacques Vallo
"Kong da savage"
Jacques Vallo
Best vlogs!
Alex Gamer
Go and search fernanfloo 22 suscribers
Chaly Police
Lmao sucks to have the last name Paul no one wants to do business with them because they act like assholes lol
SupremePeppers EPG
Also Thinning was good my favorite Character was Blake witch is you
SupremePeppers EPG
I just watched The Thinning and Foursome but the funny thing YOU where so protective of your sister in foursome
Thomas Cameron
When you getting the yeti back
Caitlyn Thorn
When I was i watching Logan's vids and he was at 11million and now he is at 12million
Camden Weirich
He can live in the cool bus
faruq moalim
evan is playing gta 5 cause the only ps4 game were the control goes blue and red is gta 5 when ur wanted
Pace Plankenhorn
I’m subscribed
radwan sonoqrot
Fuck jeff
Juli Jaén
Lol when Logan said "damn, we cuss a lot" at the same time I said "damn, they cuss a lot
Leggo My Eggo
that evan is weird AF
UndoneFuture 36
Logan: School has started already?!

Death Slayer7807
I never even knew he was planning to get a new house.😐
Jack B
Yes kong and maverick stuff animals. Like if you agree
Is Evan a fucking animal? Wth.
Nourin Chowdhury
Bro I can't afford your merch, it's hella expensive
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