Bad news... Not getting the house.

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Chloe Cedillo
I LOVE YOU......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Kobus Louw
logan looks like logic with those glasses
Maxim Zirkzee
Does logan still go to the gym or not
Kaylenna Foor
Roses are red violets are blue here are my fingers the middle ones for you jake better
Yng Pablo
Can i have youre car
Pick Barrera
Hee he
Georgia Dale
this was published on my bday
Rex Curtis
I will never be as good as you
Aexl Sinoro
i miss your selfie vlogs
Rowie K
You should make Kong merch
Rowie K
I love George sooooo much he's so funny
If maverick dies...............
Oksana Shopsha
Was evan playing overwatch
Stephany Martinez
11: 01 I really laugh in that part lol mark xD
Jorge G.
Bring back the DENT THE UNIVERSE merch!
Papyrus the great
I'm just gonna say fuck you Jake Paul logan Paul is beast Jake Paul is popular cause his brother made him popular Logan Paul is way better than Jake Paul Logan Paul is the fucking best
Selma Parker
Poor Logan his neck😢
Low key would buy a stuffed King with a Maverick hoodie on. 😂
TayBear Vlogz
Idea..........Maverick Helicopter?
"the sex." Gary Frankle strikes again. If you don't know who that is, you are NOT a Supernatural fan!
We all know those scratches aren't from the 'traditional wrestling', if you know what I mean
LilPPro666 the puppy
Plz I need...I need... I have no reason XD
LilPPro666 the puppy
I wonder what the house would look like I wanna see it :3
Jeremiah Davies
Madelyn Miller
Hey you should move in with me
Sally E
Oh hi Mark!!!
icecreamdiva 678
I saw the clickbait and I was like ohhhhh..well..i mean it seems like he will not live close to Shane...
Dino Vlado
Sara Mirzayev
Is it just me or is Even I don't know how to spelling his name but he is like A gold Digger
Danniel Vasquez
Logan I got a yeti backpack like 2 months ago or 1....... AND ITS STILL NOT THERE Logang
Gracie S.
Niko Simotas
Gabby Perez
Love you Logan
Alexis Frometa
I love you man
Babby Gurl
Who is playing with slime , while watching this?
Darvin Nelson
I miss the old outro music
Caitlyn Braden
Glad you gave Brendan the day off, he deserves it 😁
lol kong stuffed animals ❤️
Nichaune Jones
Travel the world giving out maverick merxh to homeless needy kids and family please
Aida Arif
U should callob with ayla 😆😄😉😉
Enrique Cruz
Sorry Logan 😱😰
Mariana Medina
Brooo I know just got wifi because of hurricane Irma in Miami and now I get to enjoy Logan's blogs ❤️
maricela rivera
Come to Texas pls
The Organic Hologram and your brother do massive amounts of coke then scream on it...nice
Gibson Townsend
Yo Evan be playing some OVERWATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clorox Bleach
I found out how he did the magic trick he already had another card with the a similar signature and it was in his pocket
Brittney Zuniga
Hopefully you see this. But on September 29 can you say happy birthday Edwin Morgodo . It would mean everything to me
Landon Tucci
I liked that just cause Evans playing destiny 2 😂👌🏾
Yniego Lattao
"It's everyday bro" ? Logan is a Jake Pauler
Dylan Carver Vlogs/Games
My boy Evan wearing an Orioles shirt lets go that's my boy
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