Why I Left GMM

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Hey Mythical Beasts, we just wanted to make this video to explain to all of you to why...you shouldn't believe clickbait headlines!  GMM #1196
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Daniel Kezar
wow i havent watch GMM for a long long time and boy has it changed!
kit michaels
Noot Gourd
I used to watch this show a few years back. I quit watching after a while, but I always liked the show. Now I see this recommended, and I click for old times sake, and what do I get? Baited.
The first time im actually glad its click bait
Parsa Khani
Damn for a second I thought you guys were going to make a parody of that why I left smosh video from anthony.
Shuriku 卍
I sat there debating whether or not to click, thinking, "What is the meaning of this clickbait? Why are you doing this?"
Dan Burrows
Ethan Schille
Me: sees link about to cry in the title
Me: clicks
Link: "Made you click"
Me: "Oh my gosh."
Mysterious Potato
I knew (was hoping) it was going to be a video about clickbait
kevin tran
Link you're so mean :(
Keira and Mila Show
Roses are read
Violets are blue

I just got clickbaited
and so did you

Bryan Rivero
How dear u make clickbite
Salila Ranawake
i feel betrayed.....
JW Nimble
omg im so relived
Hannah Patton
I was about to cry bc of the click bait
Lego Minecraft
The Lord of Peanut Free Meatloaf
I knew it was clickbait!
Cat Corner
I’m not even mad that this is clickbait
Jakkie Tea
I'm so mad right now lol
clickbait is whack even when it comes from GMM
Little Lamb
That intro though ❤❤❤
Sara Mostafa
its pickel rick
Thank the lord above
Okay I'll admit I took the bait, well played.
You guys should invite #jknews/clickbaited 😑
Elezian Ogo
I could tell what was coming, there have been similar YouTubers to do the same.
try force link
What wait what
Oh thank god it was click bait
Fierce Thunder
I don't know how to feel about what just happened god dangit
JK Entertainment
This is clickbate I am fine with
Albert Dunisch
lol. it was easy to know the joke, when the descriptions show up before the video! but, i did watch the comercial, that didnt show up. :P

Possum plays dead and expects us to help it when it could possibly be crying wolf?
We didnt need to see that!

i dunno, i do understand C... but kill them over that? they have strips for the nose. sexy music

Im not answering this one, for fear of being wrong and ruining this video for the rest of your subs.

ok, time to enjoy the show!

This kind of reminded me of those PYRAMID game shows.
Spider Gaming
how much buzz feed did they go through
I got so sad seeing that title. Glad it isn't real! I watch every video.
Landon Porteous
"why i left GMM"
me: waaaaaaa
link: Made u click
made ya click you say... well i say ya made me click off
K C.R.
The only video where Im proud its clickbait
allan gill
I want my CLICK back!
evil morty
vossie bear productions
Never thought id be happy for clickbait...
Epicmess2226 Games
This got me. Haven't watched gmm in a minute and this made me watch 😂
Ssd 240gb
Faaaaaaaaaaaak, i got tricked
Carson Luke
I knew it was clickbait because why would he leave
Alain Gil
is cliffhanger spelled with two G's? Because I may have heard Rhett pronouncing it like it has two G's in it
Cash Rothrock
same here I got so scared
lets play Lietuva
You used clickbait... Got me 😂
First I did was look at the description... thank god you’re not leaving omg
..... that's just rude.
Matthew Perttula
You sonnova....mMMMGH!

Well, at least you got me watching GMM again.
Falling_To_Wonderland !
Omg I’m so glad this was clickbait!!!! You scared me! I had to watch smash and the creatures fall apart, so you better not!
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