Padmavati | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh | Shahid Kapoor | Deepika Padukone

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Presenting the Official Trailer of Padmavati starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari and Jim Sarbh. 

Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Bhansali Productions present Padmavati, Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced by Sudhanshu Vats, Ajit Andhare & Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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Safalta Sutra
*बेसब्री से प्रतीक्षारत है आँखें...!
akki sharma
Aachi baat h mat hone do release 😂😂
Savan Nella
maybe after this they'll do a movie about ajit pai of why he is being a scummy asshole
lainu Ahlawat
I can not wait for realease this picture
Raam Pawanism
Wow Trailer Superb ....Can't Waiting This Movie
Athira Nair
can't wait to watch this...
Abdul Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammed
BGM is the thing which gives you Goosebumps everytime you watch! <3
farman shah
Draco Sol
This looks like a good-looking, interesting movie! How could people not enjoy this?
watches ad on another video about the movie
.......... oh
AB Fazyil
Waiting for Ranviru Singh entry
Sonu Sonu khan
👍👌wow it's trailer so amazing😘👌👎👌👌👌👎👌👌👎👌👌👌
Nitin Yadav
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atul mittal
shaikh Moin
Salo jaisa karo ge vaisa bharoge sala film hi nahi release honi chahiye
shaikh Moin
BC alouddin khilgi in ki ma choda hai is liye osko ek dam bad character dikhaya hai
Faiyaz Ahmed
Rajput bhoot bada hai shahid kapoor
Sayantan Dutta
Looking very much like Troy! Inspiration!! ;-)
Rock 1
Janiya song salman & katrina
Rahul VN
Bishal singh
Ees movie Koo madarchod ban karo nhi too pure India Mai danga fail jayega or ees Dange Mai ham vee honge
Turtle Mind
बॉलीवुड वाले कितने शातिर है देखिए... इंडिया में पद्मावती की release रुक गई इस लिए UK में release कर रहे है..! ये साले दो टके के बॉलीवुड के लोगों को तो पकड़ पकड़ कर पीटना चाहिए। सालों ने हिन्दू राजा-रजवाड़ाओ का अपमान करने का ठेका ही ले रखा है..!
Toufik ur Rahman
The theme is awesome
This is what non-indian will love to see
This is real Bollywoody movie
Keep it up India😘😘😘
likhon chowdhury
Can't wait for this 🎥 🙂
Tarun Kumar
I salute the queen of Chittoor - Rani Padmini, the sakshat avatar of Mata Lakshmi. The flames of your jauhar are still alive and will burn the evildoers soon while you wlll return as the queen of India with sakshat Vishnu -Kalki as destroyer of asuras and ruler of India and world
Zaid Khan
शर्म आना चाहिए उन राजपूतो को जो नारी सम्मान का चोला पहन कर नारी के ऊपर अपमानजनक टिप्पड़ी कर रहे है एक तरफ कहते है कि हम नारी का सम्मान करते है वही दूसरी ओर दीपिका पर अभद्र टिप्पणी कर रहे है उसके नाक कान काटने की बात कर रहे हैं
ये राजपूतो के दोगलेपन का सुबूत है।
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Rishi Aniket
Looks like Comedy movie after watching Ranveer's act
Bahubali is better than this
Sanu Singh
Jay Rajputana
Mohsin Khan
Have you ever thought if instead of Ranveer or Shahid there was any 'Khan' working in this movie.. What would have have these people done to him..
Ishan Malhotra
Release it god damn it 😡😠
I can’t wait
The trailer is epic 😍😘
Mukul Kulkarni
Mudassir Ali
film aane ke bad yotub pe dalo
Zara hayat
Ajey Adithya
Iam frm tamilnadu i loved this mammoth trailer... but can anyone explain me whats wrong with this film..? Why r they opposing this.??
Let's say that we choose any of the movie supporters here and decide to make a movie showing his mother as a porn actress with own name and everything, would they call it freedom of speech?? why, bcoz you respect them?? the problem with distorting history is that it is only an image in ppl's mind.. this movie changes that image.. killing image is killing the pride.. and sadly, you beggars have nothing else to lose.. so stop being to liberal in thought.. you can't afford it!
When will people understand that India is super underdeveloped and that even jokingly ppl say "yahan sirf hope hain, baaki kucch nahi".. if you kill your history, even that hope will die bcoz most of the middle class ppl maintain there pride based on their history.. why otherwise do we have festivals.. if Sita was sexy and Ram was a lollipop hero would you celebrate all these festivals??
This film should be banned..not bcoz of public sentiment, but bcoz your country is not in a position to lose its faith on historical characters.. it would not have mattered if India was a developed nation.. but how will you raise a generation against two wonderful enemies(Pak/China) if you keep making love stories out of Bajirao/Mastani and Padmini/Khilji.. so ideally freedom of speech is needed, but practically you Indians can't afford it at this point in your development...
naved mohammad
Rajputo gand mai itni Khujli kyu ari hai madarchod ki pills Lavdo Rajput Karni Sena land pe madarchodo
Yusuf Khan
next bahubali
Vishnu Nair
Haha looks like Bahubali 3 !!! Oh my God !!! Please save us from this nonsense !!!
qiya amah
extremely cooollll😍😍😍
bollywood songs
Upendra S
Padmavati is Most Beautiful and Most Attractive Girl in That Age ..May be 1300...But PadmaVathi Character is Not Suitable for Deepika..😒.......Ok we heard Stories in Book and Daadhis...Lets see in Screen....Most Anticipated to See movie...
i actually don´t like bollywood movies at all - but i am so gonna watch this :-O
Wired tomprose
jab tak rajput samajh ki clearence nai milegi movie hindustan me kabhi release nai hone chahiye
Savage TM
Kinda like bahubali..

Who agree with me Like.
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Read this article
Abdul Azeeskkd
fantastic..waiting for release
FANTASY Presents
flop movie
Shabaz Khan
Nice movie
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