Who Are The Homoschlepiens? Discover With Mayim Bialik // EN

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Join Mayim Bialik in her quest to learn the ridiculous habits of Homoschlepiens - a newly discovered tribe with a peculiar behavioral anomaly... Learn more at: https://goo.gl/JjZCpt

Concept: SodaStream
Story by: Shuki Ben Naim, Oded Binnun, Alon Zeifert, Itai Bichler, Shiri Hellmann, Gil BoraX
Creative Director: Alon Zeifert
Screenwriter: Shuki Ben Naim 
Director: Oded binnun
Executive Producer: Gil BoraX
Featuring: Mayim Bialik & Kristian Nairn 

SodaStream Team
Daniel Birnbaum: CEO
Matti Yahav: VP Global Marketing
Itai Bichler: Head of Global Digital Marketing
Shiri Hellmann: Head of Global Communication Marketing
Maayan Nave: Head of Global PR
Jodi Ben-Meir: Global Communication and Research Manager

Production Team:
Cinematography: Lael Utnik
Art Director: Ya'ackov Turjeman 
Stylist: Yael Shenberger
Editor: Hemi Solomon
Line Producer: Mandy Morris
Production Manage: Alon Shavit
Production Coordinator: Sharon Peres
Post Production Supervisor: Inbal Breier
Music Composer: Tomer Biran Audio Artist
Sound Designer: Ronen Nagel 

Post Production House:
Broadcast TLV 
Colourist and VFX Compostitor : Ivan Denisenko
VFX Compositors: Soslan Bitarov,  Artyom Belikovetski
Graphic Design: Roman Kanevsky
Post Production Supervisor: Amnon Kotler & Daria Belov
Post Producer: Orian Chai 

Production Service in Kiev: RadioAktiveFilms
Executive Producer - Darko Skulsky
Producer – Olya Kosenko
1st AD – Val Semko
Production Manager - Kristina Iliyna 
Art Director – Vlad Ryzhykov

Filip Weissensteiner
Who is the fan of theory of the big bang theory? ;D
i understand that carrying bottles is stupid (apparently) but how am i going to be good at games without my daily fix of 6 litres of official mountain dew?
only watched this because of Amy and Hodor
Hordor didn't die, he ventured into the forest and live out his life dream of living with the exotic, beautiful, plastic water bottle loving Homoschlepiens.
Clara Oswald
I thought he will say : ,,Hodor!"
Only ad i watched trough the end
This should be titled "LEAKED SEASON 7 CLIP"
I doubt that bottles don't make sense. It's say easier to produce plastic bottles than whatever those bottles are made of or that machine your using to fill them up. We used to sell coca Cola with glass bottles then plastic came along and showed that it was cheaper to produce, buy and distribute than glass bottles and my off brand lemonade 1 litre plastic bottle cost 5 canadian dollars atleast. What happens if that machine breaks how much will it be to replace it? Also, what are those bottles made of if you're not using plastic that is transparent? Glass would make sense but again it would be way harder to produce than a couple plastic bottles. Not only the fact it's easier to produce and buy but it serves more than one purpose to the creative
thinker. I've seen some people make gas masks out of plastic bottles among other beautiful pieces of art. I think I even saw a guy make a bicycle out of plastic bottles but that might be a stretch but I am certain a guy is recycling a village's plastic bottles to make a floating island...

Also why are the scouts in pink? I was in the scouts and we were usually green, yellow red or blue actually recently we are pretty much green. What historic and important event happened in the scouts community to become pink.

Also if you suggest using a much more simple and low cost, easily produced and recycle product than your sodastream is primitive than I'm pretty sure you are primitive in understanding economy and science (I myself am not experts on those fields but have a pretty good understanding of it to see your sodastreams are worse than normal plastic bottles)

Ps: this ad wasn't very funny.

Main questions:

1- When did humanity exile any person who wouldn't drink sodastream at the point they became illeterate and pretty much primitive and then ridiculise them so much to younger generations to separate every person that drinked water bottles as part of a different race we need to look down upon.

2- what kind of museum is this? If it is a natural history museum why would it have such contents as the history and failure of water bottles users in it which are normally reserved to museums about bottles (which I think exist their is a lot of kinds of museums).

3- why would the scout community decide to go to this museum instead of a much cooler one (like an actual natural history museum with dinosaurs).

4- why are the scouts pink (as ive said before what important event made them decide to go pink).

5- Who the hell would fund that expedition? The museum? Who? I don't see why she would get funding and she didn't even look like she brought back any evidence. She basically just told those kids what she lived threw without it being backed up with recordings, writings or anything to prove of what she learned is factual.

6- What futuristic material replaced water bottles that was cheaper and easier to reproduce?

7- what type of goverment those the future have if it exiled those poor people into a jungles and even make them devolve and then ridiculise them and inciting hate and shame upon them as making them part of a separate race.

8- how long did this Dr live for? Isn't that her real life name? For all we know she is immortal with eternal youth.

9- Who was drunk enough to put an unatural history section in a natural history museum.

10- Why are those scouts so interested about it? I was in the scouts and we used to go into the forest and learn are about survival why would they be interested about a bunch of outcasts living in a forest and being fanatic about water bottles.

11- Who gives a cap about this exibit enough to let it open and how much people are going to that museum to see it? (sometimes in museums they close exibits to replace them with a much more interesting exibit to bring money to the museum).
Anybody else thought she was the trans girl from Sense8?
Dick Anus
SodaStream is a scam - in the end its more expensive than store-bought quality stuff.
Redich Hazelt
Good marketing SodaStream but what about all the unethical things you do as a company? For instance building your factory on stolen land. Norway, Sweden and Finland have boycotted SodaStream products from your Mishor Adumim factory.
Grant Animations
Dr. M Bialik - "water" 💧💧💧
Alpha male - no, "water-bottle"
pink is a girls color. This is soooooo gay.
michael quianthy
Plastic bottles are wasteful but they make sense. It's better than drinking straight fucking river water, or lead filled tap shit, it's better than nothing. But yes, sodastream is fine.
UnReal Days
David Schlender
Water bottle... Hodor!
Sgetch y
Nobody drinks soda for the fizz you fucking idiots
Jeremiah 98
soda from a bottle tastes alot better
Just Hands
0:55 "No you idiot, drink from a water bottle."
Jeff Peblo
Are we shown as primitive because we don't have time travel hax?
GhostGirl Animated :3
the ones that buy still water in bottles would still carry the bottles to make the sparkling water. What's the carbon price of building one of your machines anyway?
Matthew Thomas
Came here because of Hodor.
Noelle Hibbard
thank you so much for uploading this video on YouTube you seem to really care about the environment and everything and wanted to thank you for that Mayim hope your voice gets well soon with love Noelle quinntana Hibbard.
Noelle Hibbard
so does this mean that Mayim voice better?? so she can talk now thank you Mayim Bialik for this video.
Wait so am I a Homoschlepien?
Alan Ishcol
Plastic should be illegal. If you go to beaches and you see the polution first hand, you can't ever see plastic stuff the same way. Thumbs up ad!
Ariel Cohen
BDS BDS...screw Bialik and her Soda Stream Zionist stooges....BDS BDS
Swaghetti Yolonese
The Bottleflip scene got me lmao
Where's Sheldon Amy?
Tammy Maracle
water bottles for life!!!!!!!!!!!!
Qudsiya Jabeen
LOL this is how commercials shoudl be done. Hilarious and smart!
The Skyrim Courier
Go figure - A Jew propagating historical revisionism.
Damn it Amy, you can't fall in love with Hodor~~~ You need to be with Sheldon. :P
Cuboidal Cake
I don't know if I love this ad for how stupid it is or love it for how stupid it is.
hold door hold door!
Also the expedition girl is very pretty :)
It's weird how every commercial on YouTube has more then 1M views! lel
James Fernandes
Or you could just use glass cups...
Hannes Berggren
Alredy have one
Mar Mar
Cliff Macer
Nice neg Sodateam.
Robin G.
SodaStream advertisements are just one the greatest thing ever!
I like this ad because that attractive tall bear Kristian Nairn (Hodor) is in it. :)
Sullivan Scandi
This is a sodastream advetisement? You have to be joking! Advertisers are literaly calling us "stupid" to our faces now!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
Mango Michael
Ok.. Plastic bottles can be recycled, reused for many things, and very cheap, now sodastream stays in one place and you call us idiots since we use plastic bottles and not buying your expensive sparkling water machine.
Games GO
it makes me so happy to see this
because my cousin was the editor of the video!
Sir Maukalot
Literally one of the greatest ads I have ever seen! Nice message.
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