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Live coverage of Hurricane Irma from WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida. 24/7 coverage of the impacts of the storm on Florida.

I'm glad that for the damage Hurricane Irma caused in the American South. You southerners deserved it after hundreds of years of racism and bigotry.
V Tru
we good in Miami no power tho
V Tru
we good in Miami no power tho
Morgan Playz
Rave Dropz
Plot twist: Florida threatens Irma
Crafty with John
Shadow Aitherios
My life is so bad, I'm going to troll the comment section....
Cool coments some porn site advertising itself 2 idiots saying this is fake news cool cool
Dima Tkachenko USA
Good I'm out of Florida
Kellythekoolkid 1
omg this is coming to Georgia soon ;(
Amirah Siraj
حماكم الله
Fake news perpetuated by the Chinese government. All this footage can be created with a simple video editor.
Fake news perpetuated by the Chinese government. All this footage can be created with a simple video editor.
zackeriah sharpy
All this is due to nuclear testing ..
Richard Galindo
Justin Riley
This was crazy
palomaidjdkdl voladoraidjdi
No Albert
Lord help us
Jake haskett
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