Safiya Nygaard
HELLO FRIENDS!! hope u guys enjoy this strange franken-video! how do u guys think it did? i wanna make more!!
Anya Dolson
Mixing all my foundations wouldn't work because I only own one that I bought because I needed to for my schools theatre performance.
Guuuuurl. Where do you buy the bottle to meke franken foundation?

And the making your own lipstick kit. We need to know xD
Gosh that double chin test is crucial
She's wearing the outfit that was picked out blind folded.
Katya Weikel
I wear one specific foundation and one only and when I repurchase it I repurchase the same thing and don't have a bunch I could actually mix together. I thought of trying a new foundation and going out of my comfort zone.
Samantha Dunford
saf you should do a makeup haul
Gianna Bean
Dhrithi Saamak
She should just wear all her Frankenstein stuff,like the hairy swimsuit, the ugly jacket, the shoes, shirt, everything
Caroline Speaks
Is it just me or does she look younger?
Safiya is so pretty!!!! ❀❀❀
Kayla Verrenkamp
hey Safiya I was wondering witch makeup sponge is your fav and dose it soke up a lot of foundation? ps. Love your vids
Abby Zeo
highlighters(idk if you use highlighter cause ur skins oily but)
Shall I call you the make-up nerd?
estelle grace
Safiya Nygaard i have an idea
1. you should wear all your mixed makeup in one day
Do a video and wear all of your Frankenstein makeup and see how it lasts
The Slime Girl
Ok this is not my first time watching you but you are so annoying
berrie Midnight
Mix many toothpaste please
Chelissa Rumsey
You should mix a bunch of different colored eyeliners
Luna Hernandez
On 8:40 she looks like wonder woman
Alix MacLachlan
Please mix all of your highlighters or bronzers together!!! Love you πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Zalyn Perez
You should do contur or hiliter
I'm more interested in her eyeliner which still looks perfect after 7 hours.. How is that even possible??? Mine is already breaking after 3 hours lmao. Does anyone know what eyeliner she's using?
sugar honey ice tea
Your skin looks so nice! Hell yeah!
joanna kobylecka
a little a little a little
Dasha Bear
Saf is the prettiest person ever at 8:52 like honestly in that lighting with her hair, foundation, freckles, and lip colour, she is abosolutely gorgeous!
Makes me want to buy 20 foundations bottles to do the same thing and have a perfect match!
Merel D
When you realize you only have 1 foundation and see this.
Squid Vicious
Can you imagine if ThaaTayla tried this? She has a bajillion foundations 😨
Emily Redeker
You should do concealers, brow products and liquid lipsticks!
Wear all your frankin makeup for a weak
Please make a franken makeup look
be fong
You look like my friend
Sydney Faith
Mixing all of my liquid lipsticks video maybe..?? πŸ˜‰
I am honestly obsessed with your videos
Kawaii Little Nerd
Could you maybe do mixing all your perfume together btw love u!
Georgia Jane's World
Chunnibyou Chan
Do foundation powder
Joanne Rowley
Do you guys have colour match in the US? In the UK a company called No7 have a little machine that they put against your skin and it finds the best match.
Misty YT
β€œI actually have no clue how this is color is gonna be!”

All the colors is the fkn same what’s the difference
Livvy Wolf
I got a foundation ad...
sharmaine Hill
Are you a holosexual? Because if you NEED HOLO!!
As someone with a nose ring, a love a foundation that lets my freckles poke through- that way it isn’t weird that I️ don’t have foundation on my nose
Hayles J
Press on manicure !
Kiki Hilbolling
Do a mix all my parfums togheter
Morgan Cross
u should use all of your Frank in markups for a day that you made!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Moon Goddess
Please do a makeup collection video!!
Molly Harrington
Right? Safiyias last words before her foundation destroyed her face. It will be fine they said, it surely won't hurt your face they said
Grace Guetschow
I literally only own 2 foundations... I DON'T wear a lot of makeup.
Alison Reeves
You should do a full face of Frankenstein make-up🍍
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