Señor Kitty Poof
When your watching SML and your ass starts to smell DIARRHEA
Jake L
When you love and cherish sml and your ass starts to swell ....DIARRHEA 💩💩💩
Jake L
Best YouTube channel ever almost as best as pewdiepie like if you agree
toastertarts115 playz
When your eating green beans and you ass has to pee diarrhea
Dracowolf Craft
SNL can you do a video of Jeffy's mom breaks out of jail and looks for Jeffy and takes him and there's a journey to find Jeffy and Jeffy's mom at the end goes to jail again
Mario has become.......Jeffario!
Rakesha Bano
Diarrhea that's what I like
Justin Cruz-mancera
a strong laptop
I love shrek
When you’re running down the gutter with a piece of bread and butter. DIARRHEA
Joshua Hawthorne
you should make a jeefy gets a girlfriend
Joshua Hawthorne
when you sit in your room and your ass start s to get warm diiharie
Joshua Hawthorne
when your sittin in bush and you fell somthing squish dairia
Myalovefam 12
Diarrhea I want diarrhea
Keiran Rundell
My peeped must have ate one of those mini mushrooms lol
Slymira THOMAS
This is super funny diarrea
CursedHornet 638
if I could have anything in the world would want a life
xleartor hand dryers
holy horse FUCK
badness is name
when you are whaching sml and jeffy starts to smell diarrhea
Seth Ybarra
Nintendo switch
Vanessa Hernandez
I would have diareahhh for breakfast
LeverTeckSilver LuKe
When Jeffy's SOO mad and he farts his pants DIARIA
The bank
Jullian Harris 2024
My mommy and daddy
dubbstep bonwell
When my daddy's all mad and his pants are full of shit dirra
Mn explorers 2
Btw great videos,you always get me to laugh
Mn explorers 2
A bailsong
lol it's funny when Jeffy throws all those plates (SML is the new Logan Paul)
Vanessa Chhin
when your sitting in the snow and the snow turns brown DIARRHEA
JC Lunceford
who has black poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
samuel Navarro
Team XJ
When you slid in to first and butt starts to burst DIRREA
Jason Turcios
I would like a solution to my drinking addiction
Death Cobra
Tucka E.
A Jeffy doll
anders helling
If I could have anything in the world it would be a cat piano like if you agree
Joar TheAwesome
Rosalina: mario Why are you wearing a diaper?
Mario: sO mY PanTS DoNT GeT diRTy!!!
Hunter Lucas Vlogs and fun
Super strength
Tyler Carlson
I want a jiffy puppet
Anthony Green
When Mario’s all mad and Jeffy’s pants are full of shit DIARRHEA
Coby O'Leary
Lance I'm 8 can you send me a jeffy puppett
chase holland
When your eating taco bell and your ass starts to spell D-I-A-R-R-H-I-A
Ronnie Palomeno
if u know mario seds its to late now to say sorry its justin bieber haha
Mia Singleton
Mega Gallade
Jaydin Kollmar
I would have a golden toilet
Daniel Avila
Katt Lettuce
when your pussy’s kinda wet,
so you take it to the vet,
Zeke Harezlak
when Jeffys all mad and marios pants are full of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!..............DIARRHEA
Jessica Dan
I hat you guys
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