$3 Seafood Vs. $213 Seafood • Australia

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"The most luxurious seafood you can get."

Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.

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Bernard Kong
https://www.crownmelbourne.com.au › Restaurants › Premium › Silks
Brent Savage

Steven Lim
To this day, I still dream about Sydney Fish Market and am so excited to go back! (beware those darn ibises though.. Aussies know what I'm talking about) Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 of Worth It Oz - what country should we visit next?

Lawrence Chen
The last one I got 10 of them for like only 20$ :/
Austin Mohr
Sims 3 music
manila oil
Steven, go to the Philippines please
Margarita Diaz
Aww I love how Steven always think about Adam
Sean Rigney
0:10-0:14 you have offeneded every one of your astralian subscribers including me
Laddawan Chanked
Pls Go To Brisbane
Savannah Ortiz
"I don't cook just about anything in water"
Wait, so do grill your pasta?😂
justinn tan
Do a lobster episode
justinn tan
Do a crab episode
justinn tan
Do an oyster episode
daniel almoznino
do kosher food!
kjell sandnes
marron are fresh water crayfish there not from the ocean lol
Manuel Zacarias
Why is Adam my favorite person in these Worth It videos?
Madison Grace
Ya know how many vegans this pissed off 😂
Caedyn Hardy
Melbourne is pronounced so weirdly by yanks, MelBURN hahaha
If they go back to australia they should try a bread roll
Deven Mcfadden
My favortite guy is adam on here
Jordie Jenkins
Guys... Steven, Andrew..... it's not Mel - born. It's Mel - BIN. Resident of Melbourne itself speaking :) love your videos!
"but oysters are so good though"
"i know and i'm trying really hard but they are just... snot rocks"
Angie Regino
Not a fan of eating something that gets cut in half while still alive
Mailin Jordan
Adam's reaction is hilarious! He's like the Ben Stein of ALL foodies!
Flux Buxz
anyone else scared of spiders and crabs and jump when the Marin came up
Kat foster
when adam talks he steals the show and our hearts
Øfficial Kaya Lay
Prawn song : let me see your prawnsss prawn prawn prawn prawn prawn 😂
"shout out to nature" HAHAHA
Alexandra Pandagirl
I find it so remarkable as I have been to Silks and sat in that tent.
Souky Phommasane
What's with people cooking things alive
gretel !!
i get so much pleasure from watching these bitches eat
Coco Bean
Oyster boy
Andrew, so articulate with his descriptions. And then he uses Prawn as a substitute for Thong in the Thong Song. YES. I like how Steven's reactions are so visceral and come from a place of primal emotions. This is a great pairing (get it? get it?). Also, Adam's stoic expressions while eating and when he breaks from them is pure suspense and then mic drop.
Bishes get's bitches.
We Gangin
They would make a great couple tbh
Ananya Saha
5: 05 his name is Brent Savage
Scarlett_Wings :3
Adam seems to want some camera time
Steven can you tell Andrew to smile more offend than a Bucky face the whole world is watching and love your shows you three are made for this hope more episodes to come.
John Teller
You pronounce it Mel-ben
Baby Cake
The chemistry of these 3 makes this show, everything! They may not like each other in real life ,Andrew does not seem to like anybody🤣🤣, but their personality, together, is everything!
I am from Australia
Janelle Hernandez
That little joey onesie 😍
The Amazing Alvi
Why are all the camera mans retards
James Steinberger
as nice as this video was, the problem was that seafood is a very very broad topic. oysters can be less than a dollar each but be just as flavorful as a 200 dollar abalone or prawn. comparing these things by price is sorta not how id go about seafood tbh
Nisya Azwa
Wow Brent Savage ur very savage to cook that animal while its still alive
layan something
7:17 what kind of hetero movie couple date was that
Lilah Coan
I saw a finger lime on one of emmymadeinjapan's fruity fruits episodes
Patrick Fly
Racist country
Sophie X
I don’t understand the ‘pelican’ joke?
Rhys Ofcake
this video is gay and salty
According To Wikipedia I Don't Exist
Fuckin' everyone forgets Adelaide.

And it's pronounced Mel-Bin.
Yeunjoo Kang
I feel so bad for Adam being the cameraman all the time
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