Malja Steffi Lee
if i were the one being interviewed and it had to be in this format, i'd be so thankful when it finishes cos these arent so good anymore. change the interviewer. hate the fake laugh and corny jokes
Brooke B
this girl is so damn cocky and into herself. this is why i cant america
Nandini Saikia
73 questions with Deepika Padukon
Katoo Bourdon
73 questions with Alexis Ren
Shawn Mendes
Do Shawn next.
Shareef khan
73 Q with Justin
Arath Enrique
73 questions with lana del rey she is the woman most sales in this moment itunes no.1 ww
Heidi Kafer
73 questions with Ariana Grande
Arushi negi
73 questions with Justin bieber plzzz 🙏🙏
Molly Thornton
god she is adorable
BunnyMix Meow
Every answer was an add. This woman is a model and her job was to sell and be perfect. I'm feeling like tyra right now 😏
anisaa jamshed
73 question with justin bieber plzz
Dhruv Rajpal
73 questions with Robert Downey Jr.
This WOMAN has much charisma and great personality! Great Icon
I love Gigi, but this whole thing was a commercial for products: Barbie, Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear, Tommy Hilfiger..... like girl c'mon
Sofi m guerrero
J John
73 questions with your mom
Lotte Smit
73 questions with ariana grande plss♥️
Do 73 questions with Shakira!
Annie Paitrick
73 questions with HARRY STYLES.❤️❤️
mad queen
Shes gorgeous tho
Noor Tu
agh I love her
73 questions with Shawn Mendes
Tansha Jain
73 questions with Shawn Mendes please!❤❤❤😭😍😍😍
Gigi is trash. She's not even a good model bye
Nija Sanjane Elaiza
Gigi is so simple yet so Gorgeous💖
Rz Nz
love her
Taleen G
73 questions with Shay Mitchell!!!
Lina T
everyone needs to use their brains, if she were to think about each of these 73 questions once he asks them it would take longer for the video to finish
Natália Cavalcante
Gigi is gorgeous, but she was even more beautiful before when she wasn't too skinny like every single Victoria's Secret model. Still pretty sweet tho...
i didn't really like Gigi that much, but this video made me love her❤
Nour Sultan
I was waiting for this video for sooo lonng
3-6 -5
you know she is intelligent when she is using android
(apple fanboys calm this is just a joke)
Emma Greaves
I really wanted to see her house.
Google pixel yea
Nipun Augustin
love♥from India#Leostylo
Grumpy Cat
Ed Sheeran next pls!!
Cami. Alita
I love her.
Mariah Saba
73 Questions with COLE SPROUSE please!! 🙏🏻
SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha
wow she has a pixel and not an iphone
jack william
looks like a dude...
YX Lau
she's so much more interesting than kendallllll just sayin
You Should Do A 73 Question Interveiw With Melanie Martinez
Bella Styles
73 questions with Tom Holland
Leka Burduli
73 questions with that interviewer
Alexandra Martinez
I also play volleyball I'm a setter
What is her iPhone brand ? And why does she say google ?
Abril Queiruga
Her jacket is goals
- MyBlues -
5:46 She dosen't know her favorite songs in her head?
I feel like people dare her to try and pull off ugly/unflattering clothing... I don't think half the trends she wears will ever look nice on someone.
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