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Supermodel Gigi Hadid has a schedule packed full of flights and photoshoots. In-between trips from New York to LA, Gigi invites Vogue to IMG's offices where she takes a shot at answering 73 Questions. Gigi tells us who her girl-crush is, shows off her boxing skills and ranks her favorite Taylor Swift songs.  

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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

Created by: Joe Sabia

I MASTER graal
Fuck u she's ugly
Richa Dhaliwal
Pls can you do 73 questions with harry styles
Madiha Chaklader
Amanda Wong
With Cara Delevingne please!
Fissel the Adduti
'Hadid' is an Arabic word, and it means iron.
Ally Wallis
Tarrell Mccoy
Why does she not have an iphone
Emily Ann Shaheen
Sarah AlAli
She selfie she took on camera was different that the one she showed in the video ..
Blue Rose
I would actually buy her signature lmao
SaRah GuineVe
gigi is more natural than shitty kendall!
Chanchal Jadhav
73 questions with Priyanka Chopra ♥was so real and amazing
Alya Nur Labibah
73 questions with DUA LIPA please yeahh?i hope you understand for it🙏🙏
azul Marquez
I love you gigi❤ she is QUEEN👑
King Ali
Why did she say that her and zayn went on a boat trip a couple of years ago when they only started d8ting 2 years ago
alina alinovna
милашка *
Mariella Stock
and she is a model? she´s not pretty she can´t walk and her personality ist awkward
Putt T.
9:11 this moment is da bomb
diety devil
73 questions with ZyAN
Evelina Johannesson
Minha Kim
No hate at all but I did notice that in the selfie with Gigi and her barbie doll, the doll had different arm positions than in the picture.
Koray Dagenbach
73 questions with Lana Del Rey
Emil Cardullo
with lana del rey
Angeline Elreda
OMG I'm going to study criminal psychology!!
i hate her voice
Iyad Imtiaaz
Ailee Got7
do this with halsey please!
Emma Watson
Maide Canyakar
Jet (liza koshy's character) has more views
Lana Kozar
She is TALL
Crystal Lewis
73 questions with Emily Blunt and John please! And Shay Mitchell, Jennifer Aniston oh! MELISSA MCCARTHY!!!!
Aarushi 08
I love Gigi's voice
Aarushi 08
73 questions with Shawn Mendes
Shakuntala Devi
I ❤❤❤❤ gigi
2:40 , so funny how she had the guts to say that zayn took her on a boat trip while zayn was still with perrie back then
Tech Lover
gigi hadid lover
BigHeartSmallBodiedCrybaby Lyrics
Jelena? Justin+Selena 😂
John MacDonald
Her whistling tune reminded me of Mickey Mouse as Steam Boat Willie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxf-UHuGobI
Keila Blizzard
I really think that Gigi and Cara are the most beautiful models on those times
James Chen
you sound gay. how about thinking about some down to earth guys like Aziz Ansari and Philip rivers. I also don't think you're having enough fun with taylor swift and kendall jenner. hit me up th3.0r1g1nalg@gmail.com
Gabriela Gonzalez
Cuando lo van a traducir al español?
Krishna Sethi
73 questions with Demi Lovato
R Kok
Which brand of jeans is she wearing???
Angelina Mailyan
73 questions with Miley Cyruss😍😍😍😍
Jingwen Gao
omg, Gigi is my favourite model
Please do 73 questions with Roger Federer!
Ras Berry
73 questions with Ellie Kemper I don't know how you could dislike that
Please Help me get Subscribers with no Video
73 Questions With Charlie Puth
"what is one thing you have to have at a photo shoot"
"I APPRECIATE chips and guac"
gigi is really so sweet and humble i hope she can continue like this
Praneet Singh
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