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Guys I found a similar jeans jacket here: https://it.pinterest.com/pin/445504588130195047/
I love it!
Omg I wish I could see the interviewer!! But until then, cuz of Liza, I will assume its David D.😹😹😹
You can really tell that this one is really scripted
Unicorn Queen
73 questions with ellen
Inam Salim
73 questions with Jennifer laurance! 😃
sonxin woo
GiGi just always gorgeous!
동양인비하하는 애...에휴 너도 치즈냄새난다고 들어볼래
Linaysha Perera
73 questions with lilly singh or ryan higa
Yenni Mulyadi
73 question with Harry Styles
Home boys gonna get ittt
Rebecca Baxter
Nice Canadian tuxedo
Violeta Gregório
73 questions with Sara Sampaio, NOW PLEASEEEEE
Khalda Rahman
73 questions with zayn malik
73 questions with Demi Lovato
Ky Todd
Gianella Jara Campos
This is boring
salina llamas
3:47 “for lots of money’s” SHES SO CUTE😂😭
Yirhim Kim
This vid is probably sponsored by vogue.
Akshay Aradhya
She has a pixel .... yayyyy
alessandra gaeta
73 Questions with Karlie Kloss!!!!!!
Vahi Faatuarai
73 Questions with Harry Styles and one with Bella Hadid😍
how deep is your hair
Elliem. arie
I love her voice idk lol
J Tozies
73 questions with Katy perry and ask a lot of Taylor Swift questions until she says a bad word
Alishia Jayawardene
Does anyone else think that India Gants and Gigi look alike
Lilly Chistian
I knew you would say invisibility
Kawaiikittykat 363
Do Ariana Grande
73 questions with Ariana grande!
Van Tastic
73 Questions with Lana Del Rey
Joshua Wentworth-Hayne
73 questions with the Dolan Twins
Kadriye Eskici
her voice tone is so weird to me
Do with Ariana grandeeeeee
Denise Gonzalez
All their episodes are sponsored by google
Julio Lopez Lopez
73 questions with Kylie jenner
Allie B
She seems like such a fun person
Ayleen Staub
the way she started smiling when he said zayn questions😍
Марина Новосельцева
Jelena. Hahaha
- r -
73 questions with ariana grande
Andrea Barajas
You should interview Lily Collins
dodo k
I Love you gigi 💕💕
Tony Flamingo
You'd expect them to have IPhone's
Pei- Ying Wu
did she say "who wants to buy it with lots of MONEYS?"
Anne Zhang
Ewwwwwwwww shes so awkward and fake
prasun mishra
Only thing I liked in this video is she has pixel not iPhone.
kenzie brumfallo
who else tries to count all the questions but fails 😂 😂 😂
i attempted to account and i counted 70 lmao
The Sun
honestly, I didnt like her at all before I saw this. now I see she is more original than I thought. :)
Vaishnavi Singh
The person who does interviews For Vogue 73 questions is so lucky he spends time with famous people!
Maria Sing
Perrie is way better than her
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