sign the petition to impeach Trump!
Black Lives Matter
Right now coming in Trump ordered Slovenian baby livers for dinner...
Mark Drozd
how could anyone laugh at jokes making fun of jesus? ridiculous
Bungalo Bill
Trump in 2020!!
Not a prediction, just a fact.
On that same note....Colbert is such a dud.
Bob Barker
Jon, please come back.
these are the men that should be running the country.
Davi Samuel
"...that we know of."
I dunno man... he looks like he's eaten a few babies over the years.
Delete System 32
Even though Trump was the absolute best choice amongst the possible presidents.
Ariel Steinsaltz
Soon we’ll find out Trump is a cannibal.
Pun - isher
At least if trump was a cannibal, he wouldn't eat Stephen or Jon since they would taste funny
15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
Trump, trump, tweet, trump, trump, trump, tweet, tweet, trump. Fucking get over it, this shit is boring as hell.
I'm sorry for you America because you're in the verge of WW3 but damn that Orange Turd is such a good comedy material.
Hey, Steven...
How does it feel to know that you still live in Jon Stewart's shadow?
He was always funnier than you.
Nuclear Disco Donkey
How can you be sure he is not a cannibal?
Kays Mohaisen
what up
only can get views by putting donald trump in title....
vincent vangogh
Goddamn, i miss Jon! Thank fuck he makes a guest appearance every now and again!
Viscera Trocar
I want to buy that man a drink SO badly...
Sophie Meier
gesture priority orientation guess vulnerable flat like worry clinic.
Annie Zimbel
D.T. Has organized more people that had never gone out and demonstrated about anything to start carrying signs of protest.

D.T. has gotten more people to learn about American History, especially the Constitution, mpre than any other Pres.
They should have Stephen, Seth, Jon, John, Jimmy and Trevor all together at one point.
Andre Esters
Honestly... what else can you do with a president like this. Might as well yuck it up while we can... calm before the storm and all that.
Well, Donald Trump is probably not a cannibal.
I never understand why people scream on talk shows. It's annoying.
Wiked Wakeida
Best episode. EVER
Glenn Lewis
I wonder what the equivalent word is to describe these talk show host. Its almost like they are raciest against the president and his supporters. I know raciest is not that right word but what do you call a hate filled bigoted person like these talk show host's.
zack trever
Trump is not a Canibal! Positive words, indeed...
Adam 86
go back into retirement. You don't have to kiss Obama's or democrats feet anymore, enjoy that.. don't they smell? Stewart was the biggest partisan hack ever to grace comedy.
mohammad al-bouz
No one could be positive with Trump , Even himself
He is living in his own world , he believes in nothing and he is mentally dispersed
That screaming sounds like a Catherine wheel firework going off! She must have weed her pants during all that!
8gr8 Acumen
This "Jon nostalgia" should be over with now. Played out.
Abby shepherd
I think you meant Donald Trump is not a Cannibal that we know of!
jimmy john
that was lame.
Think this might be the first clip that actually made me laugh out loud.
Fuck this liberal fake news bullshit.
Soren Windahl
You are unfunny period, no amount of millionaire celebrity can change that. You are the storm, get into politics or give a beter opinion.
..and no matter what you say or do, trump, you'll never get a reaction from an audience that even comes close to comparing to what Jon Stewart gets every time he walks onto the stage..Yeah, Truth!! Suck-it, trump!
Michael Tangy
I forgot how much I missed this man
Gustaf Paulson
Colbert should be shot dead.
Chris Brack
Just wait until next week when we find out Trump actually is a cannibal.
Jon Stewart for President 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elise Renault
usually contact flow free application town constitutional lung fly.
Nuno Coelho
That fat guy shaking his fists at 5:44. That's you.
Logan Murray
DEploribus Unum
Remember when this POS was funny? Me either..
Ken D
2019 USA Today Headline: Donald Trump a Cannibal? Newest findings say yes.
Volsmet Tacos
Death to trump
Wouldn't be surprised if a billionaire crybaby has a human flesh fetish
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