And because you know this video will get demonetized ^_^
Is this Guy homosexual ? Gotta be
The-Gator-10 Gamer
I am straight Ela kliner
Just look at how social networks got build up and torn down. Same will happen with YouTube eventually. There will be a better YouTube where people can get monetized.
Dookie Shitlord
Thanks for italian subs,really appreciated.
I got cool ad for Geostorm on this video
Reagan Byrd
Why y'all ain't posting videos?
David Sifferd III
<3 <3 <3
hEX America
grabs a bucket of mayo
Dr. moxley
Geosotorm is about how they : nasa , haarp controls the weather
jparchive #onisiongang
Lol I think yt should ban Youtube Spotlight ads, I think theyre trying really hard and hating themselves
Dr. moxley
Don't pay for YouTube red
Dr. moxley
James Kimmel is an ass puppet
Blake Carnes
I'm not watching this YouTube video. I'm just saying you've never met a bigger hater. Might as well just get a long. Just watching PewDiePie is getting a little old. I'm pretty sure my pet bird doesn't want to attack you, lol jk jk.
Shafik Bashir
Team YouTube react to this video if you are being honest and consistent!
Talon Eisenberg
i can't wait for the day youtube falls.
awesome man
Why is it taking a week for a video ethan
Rubethyst Gem
Yep, no ads... lame
dork getreal
so how is it being fixed?
Heyy Now
As a young conservative I respect Ethan for standing up for our free speech regardless of politics.
Don't you get it? The man with the cash wants youtube content to be completely devoid of actual issues and discussion in any serious manner. They will only pay if you are part of the "accepted" group that are considered to be "serious" and "balanced" in their presentation. Otherwise, you are on the other extreme like Mr Jake Paul, for instance, who is rewarded very very handsomely to churn out content of a very particular nature ... namely "entertainment" very carefully crafted to avoid any discussion of anything issues or events that is going on in real time.
h3h3 ... quit focusing on the relevant issues and discussions and your channel will be richly rewarded. Keep doing what you are doing and die poor ... that is what youtube/advertisers are saying to you and everyone producing content like you.
Damien Thorbjörn
h3h3 has jumped the shark - unsubbed
Hey can you stop being a cocktease and reply to critical already ya dingus
who wants to move to daily motion with me
why do you have such big ears
H2 Beam Rifle
This is so true
cosmik x
Youtube is a Republic now
jj 2 cool
"but like h3 i had to let the weight go"
Chill Out Justin
My forever waifu
Jeff boom
Someone should make a replica of youtube and it allows your account subscribers to be transfered using social blade or something like that
I think youtube's team may be divided at this point, who knows.
Landfall's Very Own
rich white men ruin everything... don't get mad... just think for a sec. =D
First Last
welcome to leftism
Lil Pump
First time watching a 30 sec AD happy
Rena Galvin
idubbz sucks
If you live in australia youtube has one of the trending videos as... get this... an ANTI GAY MARRIAGE ad. Right now people are voting to legalise same sex marriage but i guess youtube doesn't like that

I bet its monetized too
Creed Taylor
Act like you care about your fans and remember where you came from. Content is getting worse and more sparse
Creed Taylor
Look whose made it and doesn’t have to produce content anymore
Wow ethan keep up the great work great moves!
Sarah Herrera
Someone spred my cheeks
man guy
dnE eM
Why havent i found this channel before
Coll Cameron
change your channel to a erotic minecraft roleplay
Silent S.A.M
Yo! What’s going on guys, my name is Silent S.A.M and I’m your basic gaming channel. I’d like to think that I make up for it with my send of humor. So yeah, check me out and hopefully I make content you like, if not thanks for stopping by!
Kyle Young
ain't it obvious...you guys are just a Youtuber. Anyone can be a Youtuber but when you talking about a television show and real celebrities, of course they had more right. No debating there.
I only recently came across your channel and have only watched a few but you guys seem like pretty good sports about a lot of the stuff you got. Keep up the good work guys.
Did Jake Paul go homeless yet
Mary M
wow #youtube this is an outrage. and at this day and age where hypocrasy is easy to showcase, you still have the arrogance to do this!
No Name
[Negative Casey Neistat-related comment]
UpRising_ dazza
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