DeezNuts 2024
Is this a joke?!??
When you are actually agreeing with Piers Morgan....whoo boy.
Katarina Spasojevic
u dont know how much i NEEDED THIS MAN, PEWDS U ROCK 👏🏼👏🏼💞
Poor dude.
I mean respect Wamen is good and shit but this dude... They tried to rip him apart because he said basically that different people get paid differently. Thats correct.
Dunno if the average wamen has a lower Iq then a average man but like... shish.
as far as I know, there are more men on the extreme spectrum of intelligence, on both high and low end. So there are more intelligent men than women but there are also more dumb men then women.
Meo Giang- White
That guy's accent hurts my head
Pchełka - Psi Vlog
Kto z Polski
Salehaサレハ 사레하صآلحہ萨莉哈
Best ending statement by pewds 😂
El Andru
So fucking sick of how they handle interviews:

Media: can we inter view you?
Guest: Ok
M: what you think about X?
G: Well I say...
M: You are as stupid as a donkey
G: well let me expl-

Wow, the lack of common sense is beyond my understanding, such a man-baby putting himself in a high horse when making a tantrum.
El Andru
What a cunt Pierce was. So childish, if you are interviewing someone, listen to your guest. Really dissapointed, getting me pissed.
This is like those MEMRI arab talk-show compilations. Just wow, everybody is dumb af.
Felix is such a smart and inspirational guy. Thanks dude!
Misty Stewart
I am a 11 year old girl and i get way better grades than the boys and i am 5,2 and stronger than the boys
Thanks pewds media is stupid you are dope
alfie god
how has no one noticed his insanely rapid eye brow twitch at 5:23! OMG
Poland Ball
This man is a disgrace to Poland.
Brandon Locke
That edit with Now You See Me killed me
kapi x gaming
I invite you warmly leave suba
Julcia Julcia
kto z Polski xdd?
Intelligent Dating
If this man said that he is against pedophilia but the reason why pedophiles want to have sex with children is because children are sexually attractive, would you guys still say "he clearly says he is against pedophila!" meanwhile dismissing the part where he defended the premise that children were sexually attractive? It's tragic how stupid Pewdiepie stans are. Pewdiepie is trying to sustain his career by playing the cool guy who is such a freethinker to appeal to idiots and sadly, it works! He trolled the fuck out of you guys lol
Rifat Ahmed
I don't why pewdie pie has so many views
uriel martinez
All piers is trying to do is make him self look better
uriel martinez
All there doing is insulting eachother
that's how the media distorts the truth
Piers- "how tall are you?" Also Piers- "about six foot" lol he wanted the Polish guy to be short.
candylover 237
Federico HD
fuck all wamens,except my mom,sisters and grandma :v
Seriously?? Nowadays even you guys mentally masturbate over bullshit a lowlife like Kowrin spews forth?? Things must be really desperate when you have a need to scrape the very underside of the barrels bottom.
Alfie Cullen
true dat but pewdiepie u suck
Just A Weirdo
I'm a woman and I stand by what pewds is saying :)
Ahmed Bilal
8:32 what is movie name
Koza Sport
Welcome to Poland
PewDiePie you can clean Korwin shoes... and your money won't make you smarter...
Haven't followed PewDiePie since Amnesia horror game lets plays. Now hes an amazing red pill popper! Great to see him spreading the truth to the next generation.Sure as hell wont get it from the mainstream media
Michael Cunningham
poodipie u r sexis
Eatdatpussy 445
Your disrespecting wemen
Edge Lord
13:46 wtf was that
Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this. Thank you for saying all of this.
Should men earn less them woman then?
We have infinite respect for all people.
sbd dreamatrix
I think the British guy was outrage with the fact that the monopoly guy was categorizing all women as weaker, shorter and less intelligent than men, which is untrue. And the monopoly guy was basing his statements on stereotypes and not actual facts, since a woman can be stronger, taller and more intelligent than a man.
daferbdya 507
how the fuck did he get in the TV
Karol Trzpil
Są tu polacy jak tak to like
Jarosław Kaczyński
Kurwa korwin TUTAJ?!!
Pushing for equality only leads to resentment
The Unknow Girl
you racist old motherfucker
hope he'll burn in hell
Sara Takpar
they were both rude and desrespectful.also women and men are equally smart but they have different abilities.for example women learn languages easier than men.but this arguement is pointless.and this polish guy either doesn't have enough information or is just too closed minded to accept it.pews u need to do some research women do get paid less even in the same job and it's not illegal.
Philip wilson
I enjoy how piers just had this guy on his show to jerk himself off instead of trying to have a rational debate. SHUSH!
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